College students rally for improved running of colleges


IMPHAL, Aug 23: Demanding appointment of regular principal, regular Director Education (U), modernization of Library, Laboratory facilities, 24 hrs power supply to the colleges, adequate teachers and non teaching staffs, proper protection of college campus of state colleges, the valley areas college formed a coordinating committee of college students union and organised a mass peace rally and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister Secretariat today.

Colleges like Imphal College, DMC, Science, DMC Art, DMC Commerce, SU Thoubal College, GP Women College, Oriental College, Ideal College Modern College, Manipur college,  Moirang College, CI College, YK college and Lilong Haoreibi College students participated in the mass peace rally which started from different places of the Imphal areas today.

The mass rally was started from three different place were blocked by the police and after selecting the representative of each colleges by the concern police, the students were made them submit thier memorandum to the Chief Minister Secreatariate today afternoon.

On the memorandum submitted to the chief minister O. Ibobi Singh the Co-coordinating Committee of Colleges Students Union draw an attention to take up appropriate action on education system which are nowaday considered to be much important for the society.

The committe further requested to appoint regular Principal of govt. college as early as possible. due absence and non appointment of principle since 15 yrs back made the condition of colleges of the state become worsen day after days.

About the non appointment of director of Education (U) union further said, the non appointment of regular director in this department is since after 1986. So, the department has been being supervised by the Commisioner from time to time. And there is also a big lapses in the supervision of the colleges under the commissioner due to frequent changes of Commissioners and it lead to degradation of the condition of various govt.govt-aided and privates’ colleges in the state.

The committee again requested to appoint the shortage of manpower in each of the colleges, etc.

While speaking to media person L. Sanjit convenor of the Co-ordinating Committee of Colleges Students Union disclosed that, the colleges student of valley areas had protested demanding to provide adequate facilities for the students of state govt colleges but due the govt timely not give up a positive response this step of mass rally is being taken up as part of agitation.

He further said that, at present the condition of the state govt collges are becoming worse day to day due failure of the state govt. And so if the submitted memorandum to chief minister do not came out positive then forms of agitation will launch very soon added.

On the other hand the Association of DPC Successful Candidates for Primary Teachers HMT/HGT 2006 were also conducted a mass rally today and submitted a memorandum to the chief minister secretariat. Demanding to solve the burning problems arising in the DPC of primary Teachers in the Dept of Education (S) by giving appointment to the recommended candidates of the order issued by the Director of Education (S) on date 22nd April, 2010 on or before 31st August 2010. And to bring the recommended of the high power committee chaired by the Chief Secretary to the notice of general public and candidates of the DPC concerned in particular on or before 31st August.


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