Controversy over missing Class VIII student


IMPHAL, Aug 24: Reacting to the allegations made by the JAC regarding the absence of one student of Hundred Flowers’ School, the school authority has clarified that the missing Class VIII student Rohit Khan was not rusticated but he himself deserted the school without informing anybody.

A release of the Principal of Hundred Flowers’ School said that on August 19 there was a complaint against Rohit from one girl student who informed the teachers that he had bunked classes. In the aftermath of the complaint, Rohit called up the girl on her mobile phone in the evening and taunted her using abusive words. There was some sort of confrontation between Rohit and the girl the other day in the school following which both of them were summoned by the Principal at the office but on that day both of them were sent inside the classroom asking them to bring their parents the next day. However, Rohit deserted the school on the same day in the absence of a teacher in the classroom.

So, it would be quite wrong on the part of the JAC to make wrong allegations against the authority of the school which has been imparting quality education to hundreds of students, especially the minority Meitei-Pangal community, the release stated.

It also appealed to the JAC to trace out the missing student and send him back to the school as soon as possible.


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