Fresh look at Ukhrul poll controversy


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, Aug 31: A high level team from the Central government led by the Secretary of the Election Commissioner of India SK. Rudla along with the Manipur State Joint Chief Election Officer (CEO) and Bono, Asst. CEO in presence of the Ukhrul Sud-Divisional Officer Manghte Lalte Kom with his Subordinate Officials and the Ukhrul police personnel including the OC yesterday opened the locked strong room where the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are kept in Ukhrul police station.
The EVMs numbering 141 Control Units and Ballot Units have been kept under lock and key since after the State Assembly Election in 2007 following a controversy and complaint case bending in the High Court against some of the political parties.
The visiting inquiry team along with some political representatives, SDO. Ukhrul and Ukhrul police had opened the strong room and seen the stored EVMs which are locked and sealed by two locks, the keys of which is in the custody of Ukhrul DC and the other with the Treasurer Officer, Ukhrul. The strong room is combined in storing the chest of money boxes on one corner and the EVMs and the representatives observed the EVMs stored as satisfactory to oversee the seal and locks as untouched, said the official source.
The inquiry team however remarked that the existing strong room in the Ukhrul Police Station is admissibly not in the condition of good infrastructure for keeping the confidential things, the presence of tight Ukhrul police security keeping vigil round the clock and the tight lock adequately keeps safety.
The officials also said that as soon as the the Ukhrul secretariat office building which is under construction is over, all the confidential things would be kept in the safer place, the officials told the media persons present in the spot. The team also asserted that the latest report of investigation would be highlighted to the Central Authority and as per the directives, the process of the case would proceed.


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