Iftaar party organised ahead of Idul-Fitr


IMPHAL, Aug 29: Ahead of the festivities of Idul-Fitr, a special Iftaar party was organized today at the residence of social worker O. Henry at Mantripukhri, Imphal.

A large number of people belonging to the Muslim and other communities of Wangkhei A/C took part in the observance of Iftaar which was followed by a grand feast.

Speaking to media-persons on the sidelines of the Iftaar party, O. Henry said that every community of the state should participate in each other’s festivals with a view to maintaining peace and harmony. The Iftaar is special not only to the followers of Islam but also to the people belonging to other communities, he noted.

The spokesperson of Kendra Committee Development Forum of Wangkhei A/C, Hazi Arafat stated that Iftaar is one of the five significant pillars of Islam which is being practiced as a mode of breaking fast after the end of each day during the whole month of Ramadan.

He also said that the people offered prayers for peaceful co-existence of all communities in the state during the observance of Iftaar.

On behalf of all the people of Wangkhei A/C, Hazi Arafat thanked social worker Henry for organizing such a grand Iftaar party at his own residence.


  1. hello sir iftar pganiarty is not a 5 pillar of islam….it is just 4 breaking fasting wiz include in ibbadat…more over instead of organising iftar party it is beter to render 4 d social uplifment wiz devolopment is not related wit d politics .

  2. Helo sir, Iftaar is not one of the 5 significant pillars of ISLAM . Fasting during the whole month of RAMADHAN is one of the 5 significant pillars of ISLAM


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