India eyeing for a Sepak Takraw medal at the Asian Game


By Pramod G
IMPHAL, Aug 19: Indian Sepak Takraw team is eying to get a medal in the forthcoming Asian Games to be held at Guangzou, China.

According to national Sepak Takraw coach A Mahabir and manager Upen, the Indian Sepak Takraw team is capable of winning at least a medal in the upcoming Asian Games.

Prior to the Asian Games, the Indian Sepak Takraw team took part in the recently concluded Kings Cup, which is regarded as World Championship for the game, held at Chingmai, Thailand from July 27 to August 1.

Both the Indian women and mens team brought home three gold medal and two bronze medals.

According to the norms of the International Sepak Takraw Federation, there are four events for the game, namely Hoop, Team, Regu and Double event.

For the first time, the Indian team took part in every event of the game in the premier league.

However, as per the norms of the international federation, no team could take part in all the event in a championship but allowed to choose three events amongst the four.

Both the men and women Indian team took part in Team, Regu and Double event.

The Indian women team won two gold medals in Double and Regu event in division one. However, in the premier league, India managed to earn only a bronze.

In the Regu event of the premier league, India grouped with host Thailand, China and Malasia. The group includes Viatnam, Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

In this event India defeated Malasia but lost narrowly to China thereby dashing the hope of winning gold medal and had to settle for a bronze.

However, in the Division – I, India emerged victorious against strong teams.

As a preparation for the upcoming Asian Games, Indian Sepak Takraw team will be holding another coaching camp at Goa. The coaching programme is slated to begin from tomorrow.

Several Sepak Takraw players of the state will be taking part in the coaching programme, which will be fourth such coaching programme as a preparation for the Asian Games.

Amongst the 18 male players selected for the coaching, 13 of them are originally from Manipur. They are Th Dharmandra, AK Sanathoi, Ng Jotin, Kh Niken, Th Ingoba, K Taibangnganba, Ch Biken, Jiteshwor Sharma, T Gopen, N Nanao, W Johnson, E Sushil and Kirankumar.

In the women section, O Jimi, AK Geena, M Aruna, Kh Robita, E Rajeshor, W Milana, E Ronita. AK Rebika, E Binalata, M Romita, M Shanti and A Maipak.


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