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Jiribam’s Manipur Gate remains uncompleted

From Our Correspondent

JIRIBAM, Aug 24: The construction of Manipur Gate (Manipur Sannathong) at Jiribam along the NH-53 still remains an unaccomplished task despite of the fact that the foundation stone for the construction of the said gate was laid down by former chief minister W. Nipamacha long back in the year 1999.

There is now an apprehension that the project for the construction of Manipur Gate may get lost as the site earmarked for the construction of the said gate has been occupied by some persons and a number of shops have been set up at the site.

The Manipur Gate is to be constructed at Jiribam as a sign of welcoming the people who enter the territory of the state from Assam on the NH-53, but most people remain unaware of such valuable thing.

According to a reliable source, the state public works department had processed the tender for the construction of the said gate during the financial year 2006-07 and subsequently the work order was issued to one contractor Okram Megha of Khongman.

As per the office schedule of 2005-06, the estimated cost for the construction of Manipur Gate is about Rs. 33 lakhs but the construction works could not be started in view of lesser profits that would be incurred due to continuous price hike of construction materials during the last many years.

The estimated cost for the construction of the said gate as per the office schedule of 2009 is Rs. 60-70 lakhs but renewal of the previous work order will not be possible unless the civil organizations and the people of Jiribam pressurize the state government.

Speaking to IFP, the president of All Jiribam United Clubs’ Association (AJUCA), L. Shantikumar stated that it is the long cherished desire of the people of the state to have a state gate at Jiribam which is the terminal of the NH-53 in the state and so the concerned MLA of Jiribam should also take up steps to fulfill the desire of the people to have Nongchup Sannathong (Western Gate).


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