KRA on torture spree


From M Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Aug 26: Several people have been tortured by the Kuki Revolutionary Army, KRA, over monetary demands and also subjected to various harsh treatments, said a source from the ZRO today in a statement.

The source further said that due to failure to comply with the demands of KRA, Lamkhosei Vaiphei of Munlui village was harassed and punished severely while Paudam Vaiphei of Champhai was abducted and tortured by them on the June 15.
Jangchon and Khaineipau of Leilon were again meted with the same kind of treatment by the same group of UGs at Molding under Senapati district on August 25, it said while stating that this type of treatment meted out to the chiefs of Zomi inhabitants was merely due to their failure to meet demands which are unbearable.


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