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Lecturers protest at Jiribam school

From Our Correspondent
Jiribam, Aug 21: Part time lecturers of the one and only higher secondary school at
Jiribam sub-division headquarters have decided to take three days casual leave to draw the attention of the government to the4 hardships being faced by the lecturers.

This was announced in a press conference held today at the school premises in which part time lecturers lamented the hardships they faced while performing their duties in imparting knowledge to the students.

A spokesperson for the lecturers said Jiribam Higher Secondary School currently has about 850 students but the school has only 8 lecturers on regular posts and 27 part timers.

Part time lecturers were originally assigned to teach in classes XI and XII, but they were compelled to take classes for Class IX and X due to lack of adequate teachers at the school, the spokesperson said adding that part time lecturers are performing their duties as regular post with the honorarium of only Rs. 4500.

Part time lecturers of the school are not getting their honorarium for the past 10 months and under such circumtances how can lecturers perform their duties, the spokesperson of the lecturers asked while maintaining that casual leave is first in the series of agitations to be launched by the lecturers of Jiribam higher secondary school



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