Motor fuel unavailable despite govt promise


IMPHAL, Aug 23: The promise of the state government that essential fuels will be distributed normally is a farce to fool the public as post announcement by the government, the pumps in the state have distributed neither petrol nor diesel to the public for the past five days, stated Union of Social Upliftment secretary general L.Sanajaoba Meetei.

A release further stated that the activities of the so called highway protection force established by the Centre to safeguard the truckers plying on the highways have become questionable as trucks have been burnt and attacked at present. The union condemns the lop sided attitude shown by the centre to the woes faced by the truckers and the public since the reimposition of the economic blockade by the ANSAM.

The public of the state have suffered immensely during the last four months due to the activities of the Naga organisation. The union voices suspicion whether there is an agenda of the transport agencies to ply along the National Highway-39 instead of the NH-53 as per resolve taken by the drivers council.

Conclusively, the release stated that it will be in the interest of the state if the transporters stick to their stand of not plying along the NH-39.


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