Not enemy of Indians: RPF


IMPHAL, Aug 28: The proscribed Revolutionary Peoples Front, in a statement, has maintained that the outfit is not an enemy to the Indians. As long as they (Indians) honour Manipur’s freedom, RPF too would honour them and treat them as friends.

The question on whether Manipur people be allowed to reside in any part of Indian territory or not entirely depends on the policy of India, the RPF statement asserted.

Reacting sharply to the recent statement made by chief minister O Ibobi Singh on the AFSPA issue, the RPF statement issued by its secretary publicity, T Leishemba alleged that chief minister was trying to blackmail and putting the people of Manipur to ransom by linking AFSPA issue to the killing of non-Manipuris. For the sake of bringing in AFSPA and retaining the draconian act in Manipur Ibobi is creating fear psychosis amongst students and employees who residing outside the state and thereby sowing the seed of hatred amongst the Manipuris and Indians.
Recalling some past incidents of killing of innocent people by security forces in areas where AFSPA was declared to have lifted and where the controversial act is in place, the RPF statement said it is more or less same for the people of Manipur whether AFSPA is imposed or not.

First and foremost task to be perform by a leader is to do something for the welfare of the people, the RPF statement said and asked if  O Ibobi has been doing any welfare for the people of Manipur.

Ibobi asked for whereabouts of Meira Paibis and power of Manipuri women whenever a non-Manipuri is killed in Manipur. But did O Ibobi cares or speaks about massacre of Manipur people by Indian security forces, the RPF asked while recalling the killing incidents of Oinam, Heirangoithong, Malom and the recent incident of custodial killing.

What message is the government trying to give to students and Manipuris who are residing outside when Manipur government confine home bound non-Manipuris to camps and when they are found killed outside such camp, the RPF said and asserted that it would be right for Manipur government to let the non-Manipuri go to their respective home.

The issue could turn to the worse if both Manipur government and India government continue to confine non-Manipuris and used them as weapon to create tension between Manipuri and the Indian. The RPF also asserted the real danger and threat to students and Manipuris working outside the state would come only from agents of India not from the Indian.


  1. … Stating that CPI (Maoist) has close relation with RPF and the two groups discussed and have understanding over the issue of non-Manipuri in Manipur, Leishemba alleged that Indian agents have been trying to break this tie and create enmity among the Manipuris and Indian people through false propaganda under the guise of CPI (Maoist).


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