NSCN-IM leader defects


Dimapur, Aug 25 NNN: One of the top leaders of NSCN-IM has defected to the rival NSCN-K group today in Dimapur.

D.T Lincoln, hailing from Senapati district of Manipur was a member of NSCN-IM’s highest decision making body, called ‘Steering Committee’ until his defection today. Lincoln also was a former kilonser of the NSCN-IM set up.

Meanwhile, in a press communique, the NSCN-K quoting the former NSCN-IM leader said, “The need of the hour for the Naga people is to reconcile and embrace together unconditionally. In reconciliation there should not be any ifs and buts”.

The statement further said that basing on the political and historical rights of the Nagas, signed at the highest level by NSCN-K chairman  SS Khaplang, NSCN-IM chairman Isak Cishi Swu and Brig. (Retd) S Singnya, Lincoln is of the opinion that Nagas are heading towards full reconciliation and sooner than later will achieve it.

“His decision to join GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) is for the sake of the Nagas because it is the common ground. He also appreciated the ‘Monyakshu Conclave’ as it was a historic moment and showed the world that Nagas can come to an understanding, shedding away factional mindset,” the statement added.

Lincoln then urged Naga patriots everywhere to commit themselves to total reconciliation without any condition. There should not be double meanings in a single word ‘reconciliation’ Nagas are one and this is the time to unite, the NSCN-K statement said.


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