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Open sale of petrol, diesel resumes

The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, Aug 11: After a gap of more than three months, open sale of petrol and diesel began today in the retail outlets.

The 68-day economic blockade imposed by the Naga students and the subsequent boycott of the National Highway-39 by the Transporters and Drivers Council (TDC) had depleted the stock condition of fuel and other commodities in Manipur.

Following the intervention of the Central government by providing escort to the transporters, goods have started flowing into Manipur through the National Highway-39 since August 1.
Otherwise, the state government has been controlling the sales by means of rationing all this while.

With the tremendous improvement in the stock-pile of fuel, the state government has revoked the rationing order of fuel on Tuesday.

From Wednesday, most of the oil pumps started the open-sale of fuel.

However, due to the three-month scarcity of the commodity, the people were seen in long queues in front of every oil pump today in Imphal.

As per reports received, there are about 30 oil pumps that have started normal business since Wednesday.

It is hopeful that in the next couple of days, the problem of fuel scarcity will be over in Manipur.

Meanwhile, altogether 188 goods trucks arrived in Imphal today through the Imphal-Dimapur route. Of these trucks, 116 are normal goods trucks, 49 are FCI, 19 oil tankers and four bullet LPG tankers.

In the meantime, 62 empty trucks have also left Imphal through the NH-39 escorted by the CRPF.



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