RPF denounces India govt tactics


IMPHAL, Aug 29: The proscribe RPF has said in a bid to sustain its colonist design and suppressive rule in Manipur, India government has been adopting various tactics. One such tactics adopted by India government at present is to wrongly implicate revolutionaries who are fighting for regaining freedom of the oppressed people of Manipur and at the same time to separate revolutionaries and the people.

For this purpose, Indian security agencies held captivity of many people and made them untraceable by their respective families. This people are being utilized by Indian security forces in setting up groups  to extort money, to hurl extortion bombs, to indulge in kidnapping for ransom and also to create terror amongst general public, the RPF statement issued by its publicity chief GM Changjou said in the statement adding that these people are then killed in fake encounter create and create a confusion amongst the general public.

As a part of this programme, the PIB defence wing made a fabricated statement which was published in local dailies on August 28 trying to implicate RPF as a terrorist organisation, the RPF statement said. To support their claim, the particular statement of the PIB defence wing tried to link one Ningthoujam Sobha Singh alias Dhamen, 30 son of Shamu of Ithai who was arrested by 33 AR to the outfit which however is not true.

The outfit also clarify that Sobha is not related to PLA/RPF at any circumstances.

Terming the PIB defence wing statement as a cheap propaganda to malign image of the outfit, the RPF statement said Indian security forces are always to trying to put a blame to revolutionaries. While stating that people of Manipur are well aware of who actually create terror and carry out terrorist activities in Manipur, the RPF statement said Indian army’s cheap propaganda will not bear any fruit.


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