RPF praise for Jadonang


IMPHAL, Aug 28: The proscribe RPF, in a statement, has said Haipou Jadonang was one of the brave sons of the Kabui community of Manipur who wanted freedom of the people and challenged the mighty British empire.

The courage exhibited by Jadonang will ever be remembered by the society and it is bounden duty for members of the society to observe remembrance service for such a great sons of the soil, the RPF statement issued by its publicity secretary T Leishemba said.

Jadonang wanted to live freely without anybody’s command and raised a force under his leadership to fight the British. In a bid to defeat Jadonang and his force, the British introduced the divide and rule policy in Manipur amongst the Meitei and the Kabui community. The divide and rule policy of the British was followed by India and later expanded amongst the Meitei and the Naga, Meitei and Kuki, Paite and Kuki, Naga and Kuki, Meitei and Meitei Pangal, the RPF alleged.

Jadonang lead a rebellion against the British in oppose to House Tax and force labour but he was later arrested by British force from Cachar and assigned numerous fabricated charges. After his arrest the British chalked out a plan to create hatred amongst the Kabui and Meitei community who were living together with close affinity at the time.

With all the fabricated charges levelled against him, Jadonang who was only 26 years old was hanged till death on August 29, 1931 on the bank of Nambul river on the eastern side of Imphal Jail, the RPF recalled and maintained that the Jadonang’s vision, courage and his love for the motherland imparted an invaluable lesson to the people of Manipur.

The RPF further call upon every community to follow the footstep of the late Kabui leader and unitedly wage a movement to defeat colonialism and its master, India.


  1. Respected Manipur UG RPF has praise Jodonang and its really good to see it as a Tribal. But I never come across RPF talking about the Kuki warrior who oppossed the British advance tooth and nail. As like a parent oranisation of Manipur UGs, it will be good to know the sentiments of each Tribe in Manipur.

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