S.C. Jamir on Solution of Naga Problem


by Jagdamba Mall
State exists not only for mere life but also for the sake of good life.
Demand of Naga Sovereignty is a myth and state of Nagaland is a reality. Delhi has an open mind towards Naga Problem. Mother India is inviting all of you to come. So Nagas must come with one mind.
– Dr. S.C. Jamir, Governor of Mahashtra, Gujarat, Goa and former Chief Minister of Nagaland.
The booklet (Bedrock of Naga Society) merely points out the falseness of the claim that the Nagas were an independent nation since time immemorial.
-Dr. S.C.Jamir.
There are two top-ranking Naga leaders in recent history of Nagaland. One is Dr. Hokishe Sema and the other is Dr. S.C. Jamir. These two personalities from Naga society are highly honored entity. Both of them have been very active in underground and overground politics of Nagaland and both of them have been at the hit list of “national workers”. Dr. Hokishe Sema’s vehicle was attacked to kill him but God saved him. Shri. S.C. Jamir was also attacked several times but again, God was kind enough to save him. Had these two geniuses been killed by “national workers,” think of the intellectual void created in Naga society. In the brutal attacks of these two leaders, today’s “national workers” who are now being addressed as “collective leadership”, were responsible. Those days they were in NNC, today they are known as (NSCN-IM/NSCN-K).

Same wine in different bottle. These are the “national workers” who are responsible for mass-murder of 48 Chakhesang men of Thevopesumi village in 1956 in one-go. Their only fault was the collective decision of village people not to shelter any underground guerilla for the fear of Army.

Dr. Hokishe Sema had opined very often that the demand of sovereignty is irrelevant. And there is no sense in killing our own people for “Independence” of Nagaland. Today, he is no more but he is in our memory. Shri S.C. Jamir-the scholar, the genius, the brave, the patriot, the warrior, the most successful social and political leader-all rolled into one-is the strongest and most stable pillar of Naga society who has been showing the correct path to Naga society, guerilla leaders and their cadres, who are the victim of confusion and propaganda in the name of bogus claim of unique history.

Sovereignty: Myth and Reality
The fundamental assumption underlying the notion that statehood compromised the sovereignty of Nagas, is that the Nagas were a separate independent entity from time immemorial till the British rulers conquered them. Therefore, when the British left India in 1947, the Nagas should have reverted to their independent status. But the fact is that Nagas never had an independent political existence at all either immediately before British rule or even during the British rule. Nagas were never an independent nation. A political entity or a nation has to be based on historical facts. It pre-supposes the existence of a definite political structure that governs a clearly demarcated area of land. It also demands that the political structure would be a monarchy, a democracy, an autocracy, an oligarchy, a dictatorship or any other structure that is universally accepted by political scientist. But Nagas lack these criteria. Shri. S.C. Jamir has been telling this fact (Bedrock of Naga Soceity).

Dr. S.C. Jamir’s latest proposal
While interacting with 29 students of the Political Science Department from Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima on 1st April 2006, Jamir proposed that Nagas should work out with the Government of India a political frame work which can protect the future of the Naga people, their distinct identity and economic well-being by way of some financial pakage “A political frame work acceptable to all parties concerned and one which could safeguard the future of Naga people, must be worked out by the negotiating parties in consultation with all sections of the Naga Community” said Shri Jamir. On viability of “Independent Nagaland” Jamir said that the world has changed tremendously in the last few decades and the necessities too have changed. The world is a globalized village now and no nation can afford to isolate itself from the rest of the world. We are witnessing an era of inter-dependence when nations are coming together for mutual economic benefits, for instance, the European Union, the SAARC or ASEAN. This is a century of unions and unlike the earlier era, this is going to be the Asian era where countries like India and China are going to dominate world economy and therefore, world politics, Jamir stated and added “In my opinion, it would be best for Naga people to be part of a giant” nation where we are proud and equal citizens and can partake in the benefits of that economic giant. Shri Jamir pointed out that in present day context, economic sovereignty has eclipsed political sovereignty and exhorted the younger Naga generation to set their priorities right so that they can march ahead with the changed times. Speaking as Chief Guest in Tangnyinn Aoyea (festival) in Lungwa village of Mon on 12th April 2006, Jamir said India while trying to strengthen its

relationship with China and all other neighboring countries had an open mind towards the Naga Problem. “Mother India is inviting all of you to come. So Nagas must come with one mind”. Jamir said referring to the Indo-Naga Political talk “If Nagas want to solve their political problem, they must follow the path of peace. If we continue to fight. We have no future and the future Nagas will blame the present Nagas” Jamir narrated. (The Morung Express 13.04.2006). Former Maharashtra Governor said on 5.04.2010 at Mokokchung that Nagas should not be too obsessed with politics since the Naga political problem is just a fraction of the society; he said that Naga people should firstly try to address the human problems in the society, and then ultimately a solution will also be found to the Naga political problem. Elaborating on the human problems in the Naga society, Jamir implied that the people are not free to speak, to move in the society and no security in the society. He said further that Naga society cannot grow on falsehood, inequality and discrimination saying that it is important for the Naga people to know their roots and preserve their traditions and culture. Jamir maintained that the polity of Nagas should be in conformity with the contemporary political scenario of the world and the country. Rheoteric or political demagogic cannot bring any political solution to the Naga problem. He said that there is sufficient scope for the Naga people under the Indian polity. (The Morung Express 6.04.2010).

Lok Shri Dr. Jamir was first ambushed in Kohima while he was coming from his forest colony residence. He escaped the rain of bullets from both sides but his wife was hit in her thigh. He was attacked second time in Nagaland House 29, Aurengzeb Road, New Delhi and his body was riddled with A.K. 47 bullets. Here again, the doctors of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) New Delhi saved his life with the grace of God. Thirdly, the mines were planted on way to his Chumukedima residence. But it was detected by security personnel well in time. Forthly, the fourteen powerful bombs were planted between Piphema and Medziphema on NH-39 and all of them were exploded on running convoy of Jamir when he was Chief Minister. Surprisingly neither he nor any body from his convoy were harmed. Jamir carefully came out of his vehicle and hid him in the ditch caused by the explosion. The explosion was accompanied with the breeze of bullets from A.K. series assault rifles from nearby hills. God miraculously saved him here also. He was rescued by army helicopter. One of his security men was killed. On return to Kohima, Jamir announced a reward of rupees ten lakhs for giving the clue of the culprits responsible for the explosion of bombs at his moving convoy on NH-39 near Piphema.And fifth, his convoy was ambushed when he was coming from Mokokchung to Dimapur. He miraculously escaped here also. Dr. S.C. Jamir wrote sixteen page small booklets- “Bedrock of Naga Society” published by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (I) in 2000. In that booklet, Jamir described the true history of Nagas. He concluded that demand of sovereignty was a myth and the formation of state was a reality which fulfilled long-cherished dream of Nagas. This small booklet put NSCN-IM movement in reverse gear. This doubled the anger of NSCN-IM on Jamir.

Shri Rishang Keishing, a Tangkhul Naga from Ukhrul and three term Chief Minister of Manipur says repeatedly that he is an Indian first and a Naga afterwards. During his Chief Minister ship, the Manipur Assembly has repeatedly resolved with one voice that not event a single inch of Manipur would be seceded for creation of Greater Nagaland. These are few burning examples. Lok Shri. S.C. Jamir, late Hokishe Sema, Reishang Keishing and other prominent Naga leaders have large number of their followers. But they are silent for fear of the gun. The Naga society is required to keep a note of what there leaders has said about the solution of Naga problem at different point of time. They should also read every statement from Prime Minister, Home Secretary G.K. Pillai and interlocutor R.S. Pandey in the Naga peace talk since GOI is telling the Nagas about the current positions.

Interacting with media at Guwahati on 22nd July 2010 Dr. S.C. Jamir said involvement of the NSCN-IM led by Th. Muivah and Isak Chishi Swu alone in peace talks would not solve the problem. Now onwards the peace talks should be all inclusive involving Naga people as a whole given that the Centre has already rejected the two principle demands of NSCN-IM-sovereignty and integration of Naga inhabited areas in the Northeast. He termed the NSCN-IM demand for sovereignty unrealistic in the present context (Nagaland Post 23.03.2010). Addressing the Tsungremong festival celebration organized by Ongpongkong Senso Telongjem Chumukedima at Mount Mary Higher Secondary School, Dr. Jamir asked whether those who use the slogan “Nagaland for Christ” were actually following it. This was an apparent hint towards NSCN-IM who uses this slogan at every available opportunity. He said further-The insurgency syndrome has created uneasiness among the people. He lamented that villagers and administrators were reluctant to speak out the truth and the Churches fail to raise voice against evils plaguing Naga society. Expressing concern over the present condition of the Naga society Dr. Jamir said even many young scholars refuse to return home and it was a problem that needed deep introspection. (Nagaland Post 04.08.2010).


  1. Get lost traitor Jamir your diabolical device of divivding Nagas (exclusivism) make unnecessary trouble to Nagas. so the best thing is to keep your mouth shut. 20 years of chief minister as traitor is more than enough…piss off


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