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TDC threatens to stop work totally if govt remains indifferent to NH-53

IMPHAL  August 25 : Transporters and Drivers Council have threatened to stop plying vehicles along both National Highway 39 and 53 until and unless the state government take up concrete efforts to repair the NH 53 which is still in deplorable condition.

Talking to reporters at the council office located at MG avenue, president of the council H.Ranjit stated that the state government should finish all repair work along the highway 53 before March 2011.

He further said that most of the repair work on the highway 53 is being done by the state Public Works Department  not by BRO as claimed.

Refuting the news item published in local dailies regarding the NH-53 development work as claimed to be executed by the BRO, Ranjit stated that the BRO is using an exaggerated number of heavy equipment and repairing the stretch from Nungba to Kaimai at present. He further stated that there is no evidence of such type of work executed by the BRO.

It is just a ruse to siphon money from the funds allocated for the repair of the highway by the BRO,the company had taken up the repair and construction of the highway 53 since 1980 and the work progress is still at a snail’s pace, Ranjit added.

Irrespective of the interest of either BRO or the PWD, both bodies should work in unison to repair the highway as soon as possible. At present a PIL have been instigated by the TDC against the BRO and the case is still pending at the Gauhati High Court at present.

The state government  promise to hold open sales of petrol, diesel from the first week of this month but the open sale is just a farce to fool the public. One of the main reason for unavailability is the mismanagement of the IOC depot and long queues can still be seen and the pumps are open only for a few hours only.

Citing another reason, Ranjit said that the pumps are deliberately stocking up and distributing only a meagre amount for monitory profits. As the rains have stopped, transport along the Highway 53 have become normal whereas Manager of the IOC is adamant on sending the oil tankers along the highway 39 and most of the truckers are apprehensive in entering the state due to the blockade and the casualty caused by blockade supporters. He further stated that out of the 400 goods laden trucks which arrived in the state via NH 53, only one truck carrying petrol was in the convoy and it is highly suspectable whether the load will reach the destination or will be sold off at the black market.



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