UNC reacts to Home minister statement


IMPHAL, Aug 22: The United Naga Council, in a statement, has expressed strong exception to the statement made by Union home minister P Chidambaram, in the Lok Sabha that there were “ no question of altering the integrity of the State of Manipur”.

The UNC statement said the Government of India(GoI) is free to use its options in governing the country by taking into account the consequences but its actions must be fair, rational and accompanied with due protocol. The GoI cannot be wrong and as Chidambaram represented the GoI in the Lok Sabha and he must bear full responsibility and liability for the statement made at the Lok Sabha.

It said ceasefire declaration and the Indo Naga peace talks are being held (a) at the Prime Ministers level (b) in a third country, and c) without pre-conditions. The principles of the three point guidelines have not been negated with a ceasefire call off or withdrawal from the peace talk by any of the parties. The peace talks have been going on for the last 13 years for all the world to see. Therefore Chidambaram must bear full responsibility for imposing the condition of the territorial integrity of Manipur on the peace talk, the UNC statement added.

The prestige and sincerity of the GoI has been put to question by Chidambaram’s statement, the UNC quirred and asked if the GoI been fooling the Naga People and the whole world all these years.

Article 3 and 4 of the Indian Constitution provides for increasing or altering the boundary of any state. Although admitting that Nagas are there in Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Chidambaram has gone against the Constitution by unilaterally declaring that it will “be inconceivable that we break up the states.”, th UNC statement added.

The UNC further maintain that the Nagas in Manipur would decide their own future and P Chidambaram does not have the final say on the Nagas and their future and this will be done the severance of all ties with the Manipur government.


  1. Its a question of honoring and acknowledging one’s right and as long as someone else right is denied and deprive of by concerned leaders, conflict will go on whether one like it or not. Manipur will turn into most suffering state because of irresponsible leaders today.

  2. If (b) in a third country then why NSCN(IM) and GOI talks many time in New Delhi and Kohima in the past? UNC should know protocol is violent from past and more over UNC is not the body for monitoring for protocol. It is funny, an organization of handful of people making such comment.


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