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Workshop to focus on schooling

IMPHAL, Aug 20: In association with the Mega Manipur School, Yaralpat the department of clinical psychology, RIMS will conduct a two-day workshop on “Understanding of children schooling” at the school campus. The participants of the workshop will be the students and teachers of the school and the workshop will commence on the 21st of this month.

The main objective of the workshop is to enhance adequately the relationship of teachers, parents and students targeting at a holistic improvement of the academic careers of students along with molding the behavior of the students for their future.

Nine resource persons shall deal with the topics of adolescence, delinquency, motivation, substance abuse, learning disorder and I.Q assessment etc. The function is being held in commemoration of opening of the Department of Clinical Psychology in 2003, stated a release from Professor M. Akshayakumar of the RIMS.



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