AMUCO urges rice import from Myanmar to meet shortage


    IMPHAL, Sept 23: All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) has urged the state government to avail the import of 30,000 metric tones of rice from Myanmar as soon as possible in view of the present shortage of food grains in the state.
    A release of AMUCO said that it will be a great loss for the people if the state government fails to import the rice from Myanmar at zero customs duty by September 30.
    The import of rice from Myanmar will definitely help to cope up the shortage of food commodities faced by the common people of the state and so the state government should leave no stone unturned to avail the golden opportunity, it enjoined.
    The release further maintained that the chief minister as well as the director general of foreign trade should urge the concerned authority of customs to extend the time period of availing zero customs duty while importing rice from Myanmar.
    The state should also try to develop good trading relationship with Myanmar which has plentiful production of agricultural items. The bilateral trade will benefit not only Manipur but also the neighbouring state Nagaland, it noted.
    However, the delay in the finalization of contract as granted earlier to MANIDCO by the director general of foreign trade is a matter of serious concern and hence the state government should look into the matter in time, the release said.
    It also stated that no organization of the state will impose blockade on the national highway for the transportation of agricultural products from Manipur to Nagaland which has begun to face economic blockade at the hands of Assamese students.


    1. Please help in understanding the present situation in manipur. Why the hell manipur can’t produce it’s own food from it’s farmlands and survive, instead it’s planning to import rice from myanmar. Or is this a new poilcy that you can’t import rice from neighboruing states, what’s so special about Myanmar. West Bengal is one of the largest rice producing state in India.
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