Congress compromised on integrity: MPP


By IFP Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 8: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has stated that the issues pertaining to the integrity of Manipur can be solved easily if the Congress Party takes a concrete decision sincerely rather than being hypocritical.

A statement of the MPP stated that the Congress Party should not try to conceal the agreement of 1972 signed between the United Naga Integration Council (UNIC) and All India Congress Committee (AICC) from the general public.

With that agreement the UNIC merged with the AICC in 1972 on the terms that the Congress Party would not oppose Naga integration movement and would not consider Naga integration movement as anti-party, anti-national, anti-state and unconstitutional activity; no Congress Party member would be subjected to disciplinary action on the ground he or she as the case may be is involved in Naga integration movement; the Naga integration problem should be discussed and settled at the government level and the party members can also discuss the matter at different party levels; either the president or the general secretary of the UNIC would be nominated an AICC member by the president of AICC; one of the UNIC members would be made a general secretary of the MPCC, and three members of the UNIC should be nominated as MPCC members, it said.

Sheelbhadra Yajee, AICC Secretary for Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram, representing the AICC, E. Envey, MLA, James L. Kolakhe, general secretary UNIC, Rishang Keishing, MLA, K. Huriang, Khasung Jajo and NL Thumsing representing the UNIC and H. Nilamani, president of MPCC, representing the MPCC, had signed the agreement in 1972, the statement said.
The MPP further drew the attention of the Congress Party to take a firm stand on the integrity of the state by declaring the agreement of 1972 as void and work sincerely for the people without being hypocritical.


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