Dams: “Harakiri” for the common man

It has been reported that, the Centre for Environment Education (CEE), a 
centre of excellence supported by the Union Ministry of Environment and 
Forests (MoEF) is organizing a series of consultations on big river dams 
in north-east India on behalf of the MoEF on Sept 10 and 11. Under the 
pretext of consultations, the industrialists and ministers will 
manipulate earlier non-biased environmental reports and brainwash 
gullible masses. It seems Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is heading for a 
collective �Harakiri� (Japanese word for 'Suicide') and this abetment to 
suicide is carried out by both the central and the puppet state 
governments, the most influential industrialists, spineless ministers, 
slavish bureaucrats and all concerned temporarily builders. 

How foolish is man to control rivers? Sometime back, a forwarded message 
landed in the inbox of my mobile phone. It wisened me and it is hoped 
that we think over it. All those who believe in managing hydro power 
should hang the following piece on the walls of their homes and offices� 

(i) Trancedo Neves, President of Brazil. During a campaign, he said, �I 
have got 5,00,000 votes from my party. Not even god can remove me from 
Sure he got the votes, but he fell sick and died a day before being made 

(ii) The man who built the Titanic was asked, how safe the great ship 
�Titanic� would be. With an ironic tone, he answered, �Not even God can 
sink it.� We all know what happened to the �Titanic�!

(iii) Cazuza, Brazilian singer and poet. During a show, while smoking 
his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said, �God this 
one is for you.�  He died at the age of 32 of lung cancer in a horrible 

These are not premonition or prediction. They show that the arrogance of 
human beings to natural factors. All the holy books�Gita, Upanishad, 
Bible, Quran, etc.,�says, �Do not walk proudly on earth: your feet 
cannot tear apart the earth nor are you as tall as mountains.�

The false super-ego of man and greed money has blinded a section of our 
fellow beings. Unfortunately, it is we, the other half who will bear the 
brunt of their greed in the name of �development�. If the central 
government and the puppet state governments are so very concerned about 
�development� of the north-east, why don�t they take up the issue of 
flash floods caused by dam waters and releases from dam reservoirs too? 

Yours faithfully,
Parthasarathi Konwar,
Bharalumukh, Guwahati- 781009.
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