Designated camp inaugurated at Ccpur


Source: Imphal Free Press

From M Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Sep 18: Designated Camp Muvanlai of the Zomi Revolutionary Army, ZRA/ZRO which is under the UPF signatrories of SoO with the government was inaugurated at Teikot located at about 8 kms from Singngat by the 27 Sector Headquarters Commander Brig Surendra Mehta yesterday at about 12: 20. Soon after the camp was dedicated to God by Rev Stephen Chinzathang Executive Secy, ZPCS.

Dignitaries present at the dais were Colenel Atul CO / 30 AR, GB Sharma SP/Ccpur, Calvin H, Secretary ministry of external affairs ZRO, besides tribes and community leaders.

The Brigadier Surendra Mehta while speaking at the occasion appreciated the express appreciation to the ZRA for having been able to construct the designated camp in such a good manner with proper living areas of all types with the Church. He expressed his desires that the would become a camp of peace, love, brotherhood and health while stating any types of trust deficit will be narrowed down as far as possible and appreciates the organisation for taking such a step in spite of it.

He stated that education has a special importance in the growth process of a child and express his desire that most of the cadres are not let down from getting knowledge while in the camps.

Speaking at the occasion, Col Atul lauded the ZRO for sticking to the ground rules of SoO and for cooperating the AR’s in enforcing. Maintaining that it the Security force duty to monitor the SoO groups he said the ZRA were very cooperative.

The SP/CCpur while speaking said due to existence of so many armed UG groups in Manipur violence has taken place frequently resulting in loss of many precious lives and thereby causing untold hardship to many people and families.

Mentioning about the pristine peace and tranquility which prevails in the district, he said now a lesson has been learnt with an awakening to one and all that we are all brothers and sisters and can no longer indulge in this madness which is the prelude to prosperity and development.

Terming the development as a giant leap for development he said we have to work with trust and love and not look back.

During his speech Calvin H, Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs ZRO said they have decided to come together and pave the way for political dialogue with the government of India. As a result he further said UPF was formed with many likeminded organisation among the Zo kindred tribes and a tripartite suspension of agreement was signed with GOI and Manipur.

May be said in times of massive trust deficit in the land the ZRO gesture is made as a confidence building measures signifying its commitment to a durable and honourable solution for the Zo people while stating it further reaffirms its belief in the goodwill and sincerity of the government in taking forward their legitimate demands for political autonomy.


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