Disputed land causes tension


From Our Correspondent

Moreh, Sept 26: Land disputes between Kwatha village and Leibi Maring village has once again created tension amongst villagers of the two villages inhabited different communities near the border town here.
The disputed land is within the village boundary of Kwatha village but the Leibi Maring villager too claim it as their.

The disputed area is being known by Kheibungching by the Kwatha village inhabited by the Meitei while the Leibi Maring village called it as Huikap Ching.

Fearing unwanted incident amongst villageers of the two village due to the land dispute, the Kwatha village authority has drawn immediate attention of the government for immediate intervention and resolving the matter. The village authority also appeal NGOs and civil society organisations to entend help for resolving the matter and bringing and amicable solution to the land dispute.

Three members of the Kwatha village authority briefed media about the land dispute today in which they said Kwatha village covered about 50 square kilometers during 1955-58, but now it has been severely reduced due to encrochment by other villages.

They also said the order of the Manipur state darbar made in 1923-1924 mentioned that the boundary between Kwatha and Leibi village were at Lairamloksha and Mimangloksha.

Asking Manipur government to intervene in the land dispute and bring an amicable solution at the earliest, they warn that government should be responsible for any untoward incident airsing out of the land dispute.


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