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Govt asked to implement fully free education policy

IMPHAL, Sep 12: The All Manipur Young Pioneers’ Organization held its Kshetrigao Sector annual convention today at the residence of Okram Nobo at Kongba.

According to a release of the AMYPO, the convention was attended by around 120 members with W Debas, former president AMYPO general council, Sh Purnimashi, president All India Youth Federation Manipur State Council and Nongmaithem Irabot Meetei, secretary general council, AMYPO on the presidium.

It also stated that the convention has appointed M Chingkheinganba as president, L Sandhyapiyari as vice president, P Teresa as secretary and two other office bearers for the next term.

The convention has further taken various resolutions regarding the present situation and its impact upon the children of the state.

It has stated that the deteriorating condition of the schools in the state has resulted in desperation and dismay among the student community of the state especially those coming from the poor families and as such the organization will appeal and pressurize the government to take up necessary actions to uplift the condition of the schools by providing proper infrastructures and appointing adequate teachers for the schools.

It has also resolved to appeal to the government to turn into action the announcement made by the government to provide free education to all children.

Furthermore, it stated that the present state of affairs in the state has caused the students community great disturbance and as such the organization has resolved to appeal to all concerned and the government to create a peaceful environment for the students.



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