Heikru Hidongba boat race held


IMPHAL, Sept 19: The traditional boat race of Hiyang Taannaba was held today at Sagolband Thangapat on the auspicious day of Heikru Hidongba along with performing traditional rituals of the state.
The Heikru Hidong is one of the rituals performed for the welfare and well-being of King of the state since time immemorial and the boat race is usually held as a part of the ritual ceremony.
Today’s ceremony was also graced by chairman of PDA, Dr. Kh. Loken, and deputy commissioner of Imphal West, K. Radhakumar.
Like celebration in every year the idol of Lord Krishna was carried out from Sagolband Bijoy Govindaji Temple this afternoon upto Thanga pat where boat race have conducted and many pilgrims and participants in the the boat race today have made their formal paryer before the  race started.
Many thousands aspectators were seen turnout during the whole process of Heikru Hidongba (Traditional Boat race) this afternoon at Sagolband Bijoy Govinda Thanga pat.


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