Khuga JAC flays dam condition


From IFP Correspondent M Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Sep 7: The Secretary of the Khuga Dam JAC Lalpu Hangshing has issued a press clarification appropos to the clarification issued earlier by the SE Khuga dam with regard to the dam condition stating it is not leaked.

Lalpu has said the boulder riprap which is concave from the origin is an indication that there is seepage in the earth dam construction. This is why people of the district are panicky.

On the SE saying that the people of Churachandpur are benefiting and have enough water to drink and irrigation for the nearby paddy fields, the Secretary JAC said it is open for all to see for themselves that there is no water to drink even at Thingkangphai , New Lamka and Rengkai which are closely located to the dam They have to fend for themselves, he said. He said no water is there at the canal which is feared may crumble if water flowed.

Regarding pending bills to contractors, the Secretary JAC said these are in terms of crores of rupees which have not been paid off to the contractors.

It said the release made by the so called SE published on the 29th August in some papers and the agreement made by KDC and SDA on 30th August, 2010 at the office chamber of the IFCD minister was self contradictory as it said that payment of pending bills shall be made well ahead of inauguration.

He said the JAC conducted an independent investigation and concluded that the dam was highly substandard and is nothing less than an impending trap.


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