MPP discredits faulty Census effort


Imphal, Sep 6: The issue of the present Census operations in the state is taken seriously by the opposition Manipur People’s Party (MPP).
According to a statement of the MPP, the state government is already facing serious difficulties over the abnormal increase in population in some of the hill districts of the state which was quite disproportionate with the rest of the districts due to the failure of the state government to tackle the issue at the right time.

The statement further mentioned that the existence of abnormal increase of population in some parts of the hill districts of the state clearly indicated the failure of the officer concerned deployed for the Census operations in conducting house to house listing and recording of the Census in many hill and valley districts of the state.

Negligence of the state government in checking such irregularities has caused major grievances at all India level delimitation process.
On the other hand, all developmental funds and quotas for the state are totally based on the population of the state, and because of this reason there is strong need for taking serious initiative and instructions of the state government for active operations of Census by visiting house to house.

The statement further reminded that the habit of conducting Census operation by the concerned officers at the table and relying on the voter lists must be stopped immediately specially in the interior areas and hills districts of the state and state government should consider for the proper conduct of Census operations in the state.

If required the state government should provide necessary security so as to enable the operators to list house to house census in both hills and valley district for getting accurate figures, the statement added.


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