Nagas vent ire at Ukhrul meeting


UKHRUL, Sep 1: An awareness campaign on alternative arrangement public meeting was staged at Ukhrul town Hall today in a jampacked congregation with participants from all walks of life. The public rally took place under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC) and was hosted by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL). The function kicked-off at 11 am this morning with the opening prayer graced by Fr.Dr. Linus, Principal of the Ukhrul Savio School followed by introductory session by the TNL’s former President, Paul Muivah and welcome address delivered by the Vice President, TNL N. Tuikhar.

In the midst of the congregation, various resource persons including Gentleson Vashum, Secretary of the working committee on the Alternate Arrangement Committee, Kho John, former ANSAM President and the Convenor of the Alternate Arrangement Committee, Paul Leo, Former President of UNC spoke on the agenda of the formulated function basically focussing on the demands of the Naga Hill people living in Manipur state for an immediate alternate arrangement.

Speaking on the occasion G.Vashum emphasized the real point as the need to understand what is needed for an alternate arrangement for the Naga people living in Manipur and stressed that the majority of the Manipur Nagas fully supported “severing ties” with the Government of Manipur. He also said that as to why the Naga people chose the arrangement and how to get the goal achievement.

He elaborated that the aspiration is the “movement of the people” and not the influence or instigations from others.

Kho John considerably accounted the Naga problem in Manipur as the precious moment to remember the historic tales of toils, the fire, the amber, the sinister act of the enemies, the bloodsheds sacrificed by the Naga leaders and thus it is impossible to forget the rights of the Nagas fighting for so long and hence the Naga folks see that the Naga movement is going higher and higher for ultimate destination.

Paul Leo also noted that the Government of India at the beginning recognised the uniqueness and situation of the Nagas who have resolved many issues in total commitment to settle the political issues as the historical, cultural and situation of the Nagas and accepted by the Indian counterpart honourably.

Thus every Naga “is bound to decide their own future” quoted by the Father of the Nation MK. Gandhi who rightfully said, “Nagas are free to decide their future.”

In the midst of the huge meeting representatives of Katonmei Headmen, Finance Secreatry, UNC, Mary Gold Gen.Secy, NWUM, Adani, UNC, CC member, Gaiton, Co-Covenor of the Alternative Arrangement Committee, Reisangpem Shaiza, Gen. Secy. ANSAM, Convernor of the NPMHR (South Sector) Alung Rungsung, Chingya Luithui, a LLM degree holder from New York who is also an active member of the NPMHR, Ningreingam Rungsung an active social worker were among the few guest delegates in the meet.


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