Shops close fearing UGs, police action missing


Imphal, Sep 26: Following threats from different underground groups to the entire business establishments located at Singjamei Super Market along with schemes at Awang Khunou has remained closed for the past week.

According to a reliable source, the entire business establishment at Singjamei Super Market remained closed down for more than a week following serious threats from a particular underground groups operating in the valley district in connection with monetary demands.

The matter has been officially confirmed by the police as many of the shopkeepers have been picked up and their statements taken in connection with the threat perception from the UG groups which have served monetary demands to all shopkeepers operating in the Singjamei Super Market. However, there are no signs of special security to prevent any trouble, as a result of which the shops have not opened till today.

In yet another incident, the construction process of a Water Supply Scheme at Awang Khunou Khoiyum Sabal was disrupted today by some unidentified persons who claimed to be members of the underground KCP (MC), and in this regard the local public of the area have appealed not to give any disturbance to the development activities of the rural areas.


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