Should Restricted Area Permit/Protected Area Permit (RAP/PAP) be removed from Manipur ?


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    1. PAP/RAP should be removed from Manipur.What we need is ILP to stop immigration from mainland.We all know that all our Keithel is full of outsiders.The threat we are facing is from the immigrants of mainland.By opening up to foreigners,there is a good scope of tourism to grow.Its been removed for one year.We will see what are the developments that we can have in this one year.What we need the most is understanding and harmony among us.People should be aware of the the benefits it can bring. Till now I dont see any bad side on PAP/RAP being removed.


      I am sure it will definitely, increase foreign tourists as PAP is applicable only for foreigners. But what about Indian tourists ?. Tourism will be flourished, sure or not, is unknown. But the people in very large number who would like to visit Manipur, explore its natural scenic beauty have been denied due to only one reason and that is insurgency. Our Manipuris are leaving this place and going out because of this reason for better scope. People from other places are not visiting our state due to this reason only. What is the solution for this problem ? We should welcome everyone. It will benefit us .There should be scope of development, industries, employment opportunities for our youth. Our state should be like a role model for other states. These all things are possible when we people unite and curb insurgency and connected issues like extortion and corruption. Say no to insurgency and then only we can see a clean – green Manipur sought after by the tourists – domestic as well as international.

    3. On-line news leaks suggest that PAP will be repealed with something with less conditions. If they allow visitors I will come. If they don’t I won’t. Once the speculation ends I’ll book my flight travel agents seem to know what works and what doesn’t.

      It never cease to amuse Brits how racist Indians are. It’s considered bad form in educated company to express one’s racism unless it’s against Germans or eastern europeans perhaps. So they’ll struggle to learn to pronounce our names, give the appropriate title. The only people who call Indians pakis these are young Indians it’s a young person thing apparently derives from american sub-culture but I digress.

      Like I said it will depend on what the rules allow. India is far from being an hospitable country. Depending on what they allow, I could do anything from start building on that Peace Ashram (I don’t have to own it just build it before someone starts on me) to checking out that nice Hotel Army Officers and VIPs use. If I can’t stay long it’s nice to have access to electricity phones and hot and cold running water.

      And if they don’t change the rules then I’ll be in one of the neighbouring countries waiting for democracy to come to Manipur.

      • PAP has to be removed and Inner Line has to be enforced in Manipur. The real threat to our existence, our culture is from the Mayangs (Indians) not from few foreigners and the Manipuri diaspora people living in Canada, US and elsewhere. We need a strong mass movement to demand the repeal of AFSPA, removal of PAP, enforcement of Inner Line Permit, democratic settlement of the Indo-Manipur political conflict, greater state share from Loktak Eletric Project etc…

        The Mayang government in Delhi should be taught a good lesson. We and they can never be together. Forget about living under one roof.

    4. It is only because of insurgency.
      Insurgency problem could be abolish, if foreigners could come to manipur and start generating jobs. most of the insurgency (about 90%) are compelled to joint various groups of insurgency, just because they have no job. There must be no inner line permit. We are Indians, and all other countries and states are our neighbor, Please welcome everyone. we are all human.

    5. first of removed all the bad thinks from your mind , the bad people in the state , the state force which they used the power without thinking what would be the impact , these armed force in Manipur ( the State Force) which they have in the mind that, they can do anything eg. they have the gun and we are beat them or can killed they than after we will declared that he terrorist.

      if this thing have in state force mind , than manipuri will get killed everyday

      all the best to my friends in Manipur

      • you see that response…. that’s their strategic thinking… they are trying to blame our own people who are puppets in their hands…who are fed and groomed by them so that we keep on fighting among ourselves…. You must blame the Manipuri Govt and it’s Police whereas it’s the central govt. which imposes AFESPA, RAP/PAP… encouraging ethnic wars and Balkanisation….
        we can only demand….and struggle … we are the victims

    6. Aree ho GOI,

      kan kholkei sunno mai Kabar Singh bol raha hung ki PAP/RAP ko ganga mei or toilet mei flush kiya jai, na hi to, mai wada karta hung ki tum sbaki gan, sarre duniya ki smanei lia jayega!

      • अरे कबर शिंह इतना गुच्छा काहेको । गुच्छा करना शरिरके लिये हानिकारक होता है । एक आछा लम्बी साँच लेकर आराम किजिए मनकी शान्तिके लिए । जयादा गुच्छा होनेसे बि:पी बरकर जल्दि मर शकता हे । तौ कया लाभ?

    7. inner line permit needs to be stringently enforced in our state, we cannot let those mayaangs come and start calling us chinki-pinkis in our own land, they call our our women s****, p********** in cities like delhi, thats going to happen here in our own land sooner that we thought if we keep letting theses shameless mayaangs in the state.manipuris stayiing in cities outside nprtheast are racially discriminted at every turn, why sympathise with the mayaangs in manipur, given a chance ,they would do the same to us just like the mainland mayaangs, and lets never forget the infamous MAYAANG CHAALAAK, they are one of the most untrustworthy race on earth, i loathe them,loathe them,loathe them ,loathe themm,loathe them……..

      • We are all human beings, the fruit of hatred will bring hatred, we ought to heal our land, and be united. let us welcome everyone not only mayang, but even UFO, Please remember there is law and it is equall to everybody.

      • What a shame, our mayang mathun chupa politicians, scholars, elites and officials should move their arsh and fight to remove it immediately without any condition.

    8. corrigendum. my earlier comment should be read as RAP/PAP an outdated system but ILP giving protection to indiginous people should stay for the time being. The error is regretted.

    9. rap an outdated system but pap must stay for the time being untill a favourable climate has immerged.For this a coordinated approach is needed involving all section of society.

    10. It is time to open to the outside world. Reasionalism no longer work in this fast changing world. Open the foors, let outsiders jump in, without the outside world, only domestic knowledge is insufficient to make a developed region. It should be lifted as soon as possible.

      Example: Sikkim with the third highest mountain peak in the world and exquisite range of flora and fauna has always attracted domestic as well overseas tourists in large numbers since the early time. Owing to unique geographical location, the development choices are limited, however, restrictive regime imposed by the Inner Line Permit formality has discouraged many of the prospective tourists to visit the State.

      Now, Manipur is becoming the trade link between India and the far east Asian countries. With all these wire mesh restrictions, to some extent, the state would difinitely lost its prospective desire tourist.

    11. Going by what rest have got to say, I completely felt that RAP should go off from the record books. My knowledge about it tells that it is a British legacy carried forward by Hindians. And that too only in those areas where it doesnot matter at all to them. But yes, it matter to me and to all of us, at the least. I want my land to be visited by people from around the globe to soak in the ethereal beauty of our people and nature. At the same time I dont want any uninvited guests (read Hindians). Things will get into right perspective only if we resolve to get into actions. Inner Line Permit should be introduced in Manipur and whole of the state should be declared tribal belt so as the indegenous rights (Meiteis included) be maintained. Seen from one dimension, Meitei may appear as a majority to many in Manipur. Compare with the broader perspective, we are no where in the picture. The sooner we realise much better for all of us

    12. RAP/PAP should be removed, no doubt. So far we have seen comments from Manipuri living abroad and with foreigner spouse. How about some comments from normal Manipuri living in Manipur with Manipuri spouse ?

      At the same time, looking at the present scenario in Assam and Tripura, most probably, Manipur needs ILP ( Inner Line Permit) to block entry of illegal immigrants.

    13. Now can we form a JAC on this issue and entrust some people to give awareness on this issue? Once, people are aware of this and CM is convinced, pressure can be made to GOI.

      I live in Austria (Europe). Let me know if any one is interested in forming the JAC on this matter and let us do something. Email me at [email protected].

      Or, if you have a better idea, please share and we are ready to cooperate. Let us not blame anyone anymore (it won’t help); let us act on our part!

    14. All the talk about removing RAP/PAP is not in our hands. Its all futile. Its in the hands of mayanG bhayajis. To them Manipur is just a buffer state of strategic importance only form military angle. Building of military infrastructures and installations in the name of development of the region by eye-washing Nepalies, Chinkies, Paharis…..u name them. Recently a renowned prof of the state on his visit to a hospital at Delhi was asked if all Manipuris look like him(chinky face) by an educated Delhite. A chinese consul general was denied entry to Manipur just for delivering a Lecture program on the invitation of the Dean, School of Social Sciences, MU.

      The so called look east Policy is to flood Manipur with Mayangs systematically and reduced Manipuri population to a minority.

      Why inner line permit is not implemented in Manipur when other states of North east like Mizoram, Nagaland…. requires mainland indians to produce permits before entering their respective states?

      Why only RAP/PAP is implemented in Manipur?

      The central Govt. encourages Manipur state to promote Tourism by organising tourism festivals while at the same time it enforces RAP/PAP strictier than ever. What a ridiculous policy? One can easily make out the ploy of the mainland mayangs.

      All the talk about removal of RAP/PAP is useless because your colonial masters would not like your south east asian neighbours to roam around your hometown who look much similiar to us in every respect than mayangs.

      How many years of talk on Look east policy has bought any change in the region. GOI is not at all sincere to the cause of people here.

      It took more than 68 days to GOI to provide a few companies of security escorts when the whole of Manipur is suffering for want of even the most basic necessities of survival.

      So what can U guys expect of removing RAP/PAP?

      • well said bro. this is the truth.
        the funnier part is that these mayaangs move freely in the south-east asian nations and enjoy all the liberties – operating business and mixing with their local girls while restricting their own mayaang girls to even say ‘hi’ to the natives there. these mayaangs even go a step further by despising these south-east asian nationalities.
        ironically, the south-east asian people are well ahead than the mayaangs in all fields except BIG-MOUTHING! the mayaangs confused the liberty granted to them as weakness of the south-east nations.
        and now the racist mayaangs felt too insecure being with us and have cut us off from everything humane. yes, they are exercising their powers on a small community like ours.
        they aren’t smarter than us, but we lack the balls. they have the numbers which transcends into ‘power’ and this power abused mercilessly by themselves.
        we have to find a way OUT in the OPEN and educate this thigotpi mayaangs that we hold a big stake in india – whether it’s about development or destruction! i would choose development when they are choosing the later.

      • Thanks for highlighting some of the hidden policies behind RAP/PAP. But I disagree on what you are saying about… it is not in our hands. At least by talking and discuss about it we are making people aware of it. When the general public start to know that these policies hinders to the development of Manipur we will start to gain momentum and support.

    15. মায়ামনা অমুক্তাং পুন্ঝালগা GOI দা কারিগিনো র অ প অমসুং র উ প সে মনিপুর দাগী লৌথক্পিনাবাগী অপ্পিয়াল অমুতাং তৌবা ফেইন. নাত্তারাগা জ অ ক আমা হেক্তাং ফর্ম তুরাসে হইবার, মায়াম্গী কমেন্টস অমুক্তাং

      • জে-এ-শি য়াম্না ফোর্ম তৌন্নিংবগী ৱারো? নত্রগা জে-এ-শি ইনোত্‍ শৌগত্‍‌নিংবগী অপাম্ব্রা?

    16. All,

      Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and Protected Area Permit (PAP) are one and the same in many ways, there are 2 main difference though:
      1. PAP is mostly enforced in North Eastern States whereas RAP is enforced in somepart of NE and Andaman Nicober.
      2. RAP can be issued to individual tourists/vistors whereas PAP is issued to only a group of 4 to 10.

      You can get further details in wikipedia :

      Let us not confuse RAP/PAP with ILP (Inner Line permit). ILP is enforced in some areas of NE states like Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal, Sikkim etc to check influx of other Indian citizens in these states. The said above states are also under RAP/PAP.

      Whereas in the case of Manipur, only RAP/PAP is applicable not ILP, which means only foreigners are restricted but all other Indians are allowed to visit/work/settle in Manipur. I believe, we need ILP in Manipur to save the indegenious people. we do not need RAP/PAP in Manipur as we know tourists are not going to influence Manipur as much as done by the mainland Indians.

      For more details on PAP in Manipur:

      Its time we raise our voice to throw out RAP/PAP from the soil of Manipur.

    17. RAP much be remove! This is the first hurdle to cross if anyone is thinking of investing in Manipur. Every State that has foresight has removed RAP. This is another discriminatory law to people of Manipur.

      I came across an article about group of north east Chief Ministers doing a PowerPoint presentation to the potential investors. Just what do you think the investor first reaction will be when we say… oh by the way you are not allow to visit or come to Manipur freely without going through this bureaucratic process call RAP… but we would like to get your investment as Manipur have such potential! Naturally other States are going to get the investment. Not to mention all the income the state could be getting from Tourism! I think whatever Money State is spending trying to promote tourism is lost cause with this policy at hand.
      I also had my share of experience at old secretariat office when I was applying for extension of my visit for my brother’s wedding. Thank God it was plan months ahead.
      Rs3,500 week! And Rs10,000 fine if you missed a day.
      Imagine in an emergency situation…sorry you can’t see your near and dear one as you did not apply for permit one month ahead! This is ridiculous.
      And off course there are some privilege one… families of ministers. I overheard some official saying as they were scrambling to get the permit that very day “they are at the Imphal airport waiting for the permit”. My question is if permit can be issue at moments notice without much fuss from the Government of Manipur why can’t this apply to rest of the Manipuri natives?
      First step Government of Manipur should do is to include a clause stating that Manipuri Natives should not require RAP to visit family in Manipur. This can be done easily if the Manipur Government cares about its people. But it is a big IF (no pun intended).

      I may sound idyllic but I bet most of the Manipuris residing outside India think of doing something good for Manipur. Bring home the knowledge they learn and share it. But such thoughts are not encourage with this slap on the face RAP policy. You can’t do much without being there in person.
      I am glad and encourage that at least we are discussing about this policy.

    18. I so totally agree with Manipuri_macha. My husband’s Eruopean, we live in Delhi, he pays taxes to the Indian Govt, and yet it is trying experience trying to get a permit to visit your own home! Meghalaya has done away with it, so has Assam. Mizoram does not charge any fees for it, Nagaland charges a nominal Re 1 for the application form, but Manipur charges Rs 3,500 ( 2007 rates, I don’t know about the rates now, I’ve stopped bothering to try and travel home with my husband). What sort of foreign tourist will be keen to visit our State that imposes restrictions on travel, charges more fees after already having paid a Visa fee to enter India, and above all, throws the traveller into an endless wait of unfriendly Permit procuring procedure!

    19. Taken together RAP and PAP can be kind of double edged sword. If I understand right one restricts visit of foreign nationals form visiting Manipur while the another restricts non local Manipuries from mainland India entering Manipur.
      The RAP which restricts foreigners should go to allow legitimate foreign visitors on valid visas to travel to manipur. But the PAP should remain till Indian government is able to effectively block the illegal immigrants from neigbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. These immigrants specially those from bangladesh sneak into the state as legitimate Indian citizen after having stayed long enough at cachar and Jiri area to learn the lingo to ease into Manipuri society.
      But sadly the government is keen in implementing RAP which prohibits legitimate passport holding visa enable foreigners from travelling to Manipur but leaves the PAP flank open to allow scores of illegal migrants and even other Indian citizens of labour class to sneak into the state.
      Constitutionally speaking and taking equality into consideration the argument may be that if a Manipuri can travel and reside anywhere in India why cant a Bihari or a Bengali. But given the vulnerability of small communities that reside the NE and seeing the example of Tripura where the tripuries have been overtaken by the Bengalis, it is prudent to ask the state to implement PAP strictly till such time as the demographic embalance that has been crept in taken car of I suggest the PAP not only remain but be strictly implemented.
      While I have nothing against the outside locals coming in here for trades and other works, a huge migration of the scale we are seeing is bound to create fresh conflict spots. we must avoid this. “A Good fence makes good neigbours”

      • Rightly said.
        I would also prefer PAP to stay with stringent implementation.
        Yes, every indian is free to move in any parts of india. However, it doesn’t mean that a small state like manipur with a tiny population should be overrun by non-manipuris. The constitution has enough provisions to safeguard the interests of smaller states. PAP is one of those and the bureaucrats and our local politicians want that to remain only on papers. States like bihar, UP, punjab, MP, WB, rajasthan, kerala, etc. with their exploding population have had a huge impact on smaller states of our region like manipur, nagaland, tripura, meghalaya, etc. Look at meghalaya, their original blood is already gone. Look at tripura. Next is manipur and arunachal.
        what an average person argues is – if 2.5 million manipuris can stay in manipur, why can’t 2.5 million biharis stay there? why can’t 2.5 rajasthanies stay there?

    20. YES! I have personally endured the barrier it imposes. My wife is European and, to get married in December, many years ago, I applied for a permit in July as she was going to travel alone. We were never issued the permit until I reached Manipur in December and campaigned at the Secretariat for a full week (10am to 5pm everyday). So, I traveled all the way from Europe to help my parents prepare my wedding and I ended up sitting a week at the Secretariat. They did not want to issue the permit without central government clearance because she was travelling alone and the rule requires a group of four. All it took at the end was one phone call from the Chief Secretary to his colleague at the Home Office, plus an angry fax from me to the Home Secretary, and they issued the permit two days before my wife arrived in Delhi giving me one day to fly to Delhi to wait for her! And, you should have seen how bloody bossy our own Manipuri bureaucrats were as I ran from corridor to corridor!

      Now, I have kids with foreign passports and when I applied for RAP at the Indian embassy in London, they did not even respond! I have also heard from others in other countries that they issue it on the same day they issue a visa so the permit often expires before you even get to Manipur! My children have Manipuri blood so why the flipping hell do I need a special permission for them to visit their motherland! Overseas Citizenship of India card does not help either as it is not valid for entering Manipur (i.e. RAP areas).

      So, if you are an Indian from Delhi, you can change citizenships, get an OCI, and then travel and live in India as and when you like. On the other hand, if you are a Manipuri and want to become a foreign citizen, you can forget about travelling to Manipur freely! So, Manipuris who are treated as stepchildren to begin with (and our state government is not helping in changing this much either) have to hold on to their Indian passports unlike their ‘Indian’ counterparts! India has a long way to go before it can end discrimination and racism and call itself ONE country! Unity in Diversity, my a**!

      • Dear Eeyaamba,

        Going through what you posted, I can feel the pain which you experienced. It’s fortunate for us that you have taken time out to share this with us. Manipuri bureaucrats should get rid of their hesitancy in helping a fellow Manipuri in distress. Afterall, what are they their for? Our current CM Mr. Ibobi surprisingly has proved (at least in a couple of cases) to be a bit assertive while dealing with stuff which interests Manipur – blocking Muivah from entering Manipur despite Central Government’s order, raising the issue of sexual harassment of a Manipuri hockey player, etc. Shouldn’t he champion the cause of removing these retarded Permits from Manipur? He can, if he is willing to. The world is talking about globalisation. And our ‘democratic’ government is working hard on isolating Manipur from human race!!! What a tragedy! Oldies have given us nothing good, but trash!

      • Dear Manipuri_Macha ,

        I absolutely feel with you as I read your past incident. How sad and unfortunate for us, Manipuris!!! I too live in Austria and whenever friends ask me to visit my Manipur state there is always a sadness on my face – because it is not just possible. It is not a matter of safety for foreigners but it is a matter of deprivation of basic and natural right.

        I don’t know how to say – let people pressure the govt to remove this Prohibition. I am becoming emotional now even as I write this because we Manipuris are deprived of human rights!

        My question to anybody here: Is there any way to pressure govt to remove this restriction? Does anyone know how?

        It is a shame on Manipur that PAP is still there while some of our people are representing India in several countries by Sports, or IT, education, or anything!

        • Brother Aimol &
          and to all Manipuri Diaspora
          As we all know , we live in a Restricted, Protected and Disturbed Area in this Age under a medieval Act where the Indian Army terrorises us with impunity…
          you can, as you live in the civilised world, garner the support of the people there to highlight our people’s plight in your capacity and expose the real nature of the country which wears the mask of Mahatama Gandhi and indulges in gross human rights violation.
          Let’s unite for peace and democracy.

    21. We shouldnt even think of it. It should be removed immediately. If not then restricting against the natives coming out from this area to other free areas should be encouraged for it conveys the same meaning.


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