Two UGs surrender in Ccpur


LAMKA, Sep 9: A surrender ceremony of two cadres one each from the proscribed PREEPAK and PULF UG groups was observed by the 27 Sector Assam Rifles under the Red Shield Division today from 11 am at the Sector Commanders Head quarter at Tuibuong.

The two cadres laid down their arms at the hands of the Commander 27 Sector Brig Surrendra Mehta in front of a large gatherings of student leaders, social organisations, parents at Golnop Hall. The SP/ Ccpur GB Sharma IPS also attended the occasion alongwith officials from the army based at various places of the district.

The surrenderees were unhappy with the outfits they have joined over certain issues and in the meantime had come in contact with the army who persuaded them to abjure the path of violence. After a prolonged persuasion they decided to join mainstream life. Bishop Mung had started the ceremony in prayer which was followed with the rest of the programme. They laid down two arms of 9 mm pistol each as per the sources available. Their names have been withheld for the sake of their security.

Brig Surrendra Mehta during his speech at the occassion said the Red Shield Division has been encouraging the surrender of militants with a view to improving the security situation in the state which bore result . So far 4 cadres of differentcadres laid down their arms to the 27 Sector , AR Mehta further said that the government have certain provisions for such surrenderees like giving stipend , vocational trainings so as to acquaint them with knowledge of living independently , give certain amount of money to help them start business.
He said they are facing a new challenges of living a normal life for which he urged the public to give the best possible cooperation.


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