Zeliangrong polls


IMPHAL Sep 6: An emergency meeting of the CHINIKON Pei held on the 5th of December denounced the decision of the Zeliangrong Interim Body (ZIB) to hold the election of Zeliangrong Baudi at Chinikhon community hall on the 7th of September, a press release from the secretary of the Pei Taithilung Kamei stated.

The release mentions that the said meeting was fixed and scheduled in the ZIB’s interest without the consent of proper authorities and states that if a meeting is to be held in the interest of the general public then the formal procedure including the consultation of the area concern or people concern should be taken prior for the fixation of the meeting venue.

The release also further mentioned that the  Chinikon Pei will not bear any meeting of Zeliangrong Interim Body (ZIB) or Zeliangrong Baudi (ZB) in and around the villlage, therefore, the delegates appealed to restrain from attending the meeting.


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