ATSUM peeved by excessive govt interference in census exercise


IMPHAL, Oct 2: The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM), in a statement, said that the students’ body is deeply concern at the undue interference of the Manipur government in the current census operation by the enumerators and supervisors.
It said that overlapping, alteration, modification and cancelation of the census of the Tribals in the five hills districts are condemned in the strongest term.
The tampering of the actual field reports and the imposition of fixed amount of decadal growth rate of the tribals by the government is against all existing norms, rules, regulation and acts if the government consider that field reports had error and loopholes, correction and verification must be done on the field and not on the table of the government offices in Imphal, it held and maintained that for correction and verification it is our understanding that a second round of census operation is pending with more specification and specialization methods. There is no need of the Manipur Government going hysteric over the growth rate of the tribals.
If this undue interfere of the state government on the census report is not stop immediately and clarification be made regarding the order to slash down 10% of the tribal population in the census, the government must be responsible for any unto wards consequences.
The ATSUM also appeal to the government to implement the Manipur Reservation of Vacancies in Post and Service (SC and ST) Act 2007 without and further delay by brings out the Rules. How many more years and opportunity does the government intend to deny the tribals it questioned adding lip-service of the SPF government on tribal causes is regrettable and very disheartening.
It alleged that huge number of Schedule Inbe (SI) posts and promotions are been deny by the SPF government during this current year also. ST posts and promotions are faulted in JNMS, Home, Assemble Secretariat, PHED, RD dept, Fire Service to name the few we know. If this final appeal still goes futile, agitation is the only and last option and if such situation arose, ATSUM will definitely go for agitation until all demands are meet by the government.
The recruitment of Primary Teachers in Education(S) department problems have been going on too long, it said.
Education department which is an important and huge department had been unable to execute any work or orders. Thus must seriously be consider for a full overhaul; else the lives and career of too many will be at risk. ATSUM also reiterate that the Education Department New Academic Calendar in not feasible in the Hill districts due the climate, culture and custom, religion calendar and structures, the statement said.
It said all schools in the Hill districts must follow the Old Academic Calendar except for HSLC examination.
No department officials or principal must act or issue notice otherwise, it said.


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