Controversy erupts in tribal market naming


IMPHAL, October 25: Various organizations have put their disagreement on the proposal of the renaming of the Tribal Market Complex, New Lambulane.

The Tribal Youth Club, Tribal Women Association New Lambulane Area, New Lambulane Welfare Committee and the New Lambulane Area Nisa Bandh have all declared unacceptable the proposal of the renaming of the Tribal Market Complex as Rani Gaidiliu Market which reportedly is to be inaugurated by the UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi in the first week of November.

In separate press releases the organizations have stated that Manipur has around 34 Schedule Tribes recognized by the under the constitution of India and as such naming a public property under the banner of a single community will not serve the general interest of all tribes of the state.

It may be recalled, besides the Tribal Market Complex at New Lambulane, the government is rebuilding three multi-storeyed market complexes at Khwairamband where the famous Nupi Keithel (Ima Market) sheds once existed.


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