Differences between MOBC minister and MLA come open


IMPHAL, Oct 24: The differences between two elected congress members, minister of MOBC, RD & PR and fishery MD Allaudin Khan and the MLA of Thongju AC and deputy chairman planning board Bijoy Koijam today took a new twist with MD Allaudin Khan making his clarification on the issue of diversion of funds meant for the construction of Kongba Irong Dam on the Kongba river which was leveled against the MOBC minister by the Thongju MLA recently.
Speaking on the sidelines of the distribution of relief materials at different places of flood affected areas of his constituency, Allaudin Khan declared that he has no power whatsoever on the construction or funding of Dams as it does not come under his ministry. Moreover he has been nudging the state Chief Minister to build the dam which will affect positively his constituency which faces flood problems often. He has been pushing the Chief Minister to construct the dam under the SPA funding, he added.
On the issues of problems faced by the people of his constituency, he has announced that he is trying hard to start double cropping by the early part of December this year at the two adjacent lakes of Linchik Pat and Tanakha Pat in his constituencies which covers around 1100 hectares jointly.
He has also added that he is on the process of acquiring 40-50 water pump sets for the starting of the double cropping project and will further asked for help from various other concerned departments including the agriculture department for the provision of seeds.
He has also maintained that his constituency being the worst affected constituencies by the recent floods he has been on his feet to help with the reestablishing of the affected homes.
While maintaining that he has personally helped around 2019 households in his constituency with their problems during the recent flood, he has also added that his constituency being the largest producer of vegetables in the state, he is trying his level best to provide compensation and help to the people whose vegetation have been affected by the recent flood.
The minister tody distributed 5 kgs of rice and 1 litre of Kerosene oil to more than 750 houses covering six polling stations of his constituency which includes Kyamgei Oinam Laukol, Lilong Arapti Awang Leikai, Lilong Arapti Mayai Leikai, Urup Litan Makhong and Urup Muslim.


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