Dr Kalam Day celebrated at Bunglon High School


Dr Kalam Day celebrated at Bunglon High School 2010-10-16 | by : IFP Photo
Dr Kalam Day celebrated at Bunglon High School 2010-10-16 | by : IFP Photo
Bunglon, Oct 16: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam may no more be the President of India, but the chant of ‘Dr Kalam-long live’ by the students and the gatherings at Bunglon High School campus in Churachandpur district reverberated in the air today. The event was Dr Kalam Day celebration commemorating the visit of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India to the Bunglon High School wayback in 2006.

The simple yet impressive celebration programme was graced by Mani Ram Sharma, IAS, assistant commissioner, Churachandpur as the chief guest. Remembering Dr Kalam as a protagonist of developing rural areas, speakers and dignitaries who joined the celebration programme today mused over the contribution of Dr Kalam towards the development of rural areas.

Delivering the keynote address, Gin Gangte, former headmaster of BHS, upon whose invitation the then president had a stopover at the school premises, noted that the visit of Dr Kalam has transformed the area in innumerable ways.

He said, Dr Kalam has ushered in computer education in such remote area as Bunglon. Recalling the visions of Dr Kalam and his enthusiasm in developing rural areas, Gin also rightly noted that the Bunglon area benefited the visit of Dr Kalam in many ways. It gets black-topped road connectivity, installation of new electric transformer, drinking water supply, besides a computer centre. Hence, Dr Kalam Day celebration.

Noting that Dr Kalam’s visit to BHS was the manifestation of his love, care and compassion to poor and downtrodden, he said, the day has been organised to show deep respect and thank to Dr Kalam.

Sharing the life and vision of Dr Abdul Kalam, Rinku Khumukcham, news editor (English), ISTV Network, underlined that the outlook of President Kalam is very much different from any other presidents of India. “Can anybody tell which president or any top bureaucrats of the region had ever visited Bunglon or any other like villages?” he posed. He said, it was only Dr Abdul Kalam who was serious for the villages of India.

Showing deep respect to Dr Kalam, chief guest Mani Ram Sharma, IAS said, he learnt to dream something from the life of the former president. Sharing his story, Sharma, who cleared the prestigious IAS exam not only once but thrice, said that hard work, dedication and commitment are the tools for success. He also assured to look into the matter of infrastructures of the school with the deputy commissioner of the district.
“I am happy to see the great work that the school is doing for the development of the village,” said Lt Sandeep Kumar Jakhar of 19 MLI while attending the celebration programme.

“Dr Kalam’s visit to Bunglon is a very significant one in the annals of the area,” said Dr A Ibomcha Sharma, IIS.

The day-long celebration was also marked by presentation of various colourful cultural dances by students of the school and presentation of eye-catching choreographies. The much appreciated performance of Vande Mataram, the Gangte cultural dance, Thadou cultural dance, Kom cultural dance, the Nunu-Papa choreography from class V students, item presentation by Chonghoihzou ( a class II student), and distribution of prizes to meritorious students who won laurel in block level literary competition were other attractions of the celebration. Lest we forget the show presented by the NCC unit of the school, like the para-military forces who escorted VIPs, was another pieces that has not only caught the eyes of the gathering but also drew laudable comments from one and all.

The celebration programme was attended by Pu Tongminthang Lhungdim, MDC, chiefs of the surrounding villages, social workers, pastors, villagers, parents/guardians of the students, and mediapersons.

It may be recalled here that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, had visited Bunglon High School on October 16, 2006 upon the invitation of the then school headmaster, Gin Gangte. During his visit to the school, the president had promised to grant a computer centre and a science laboratory. Despite the president’s assurance to grant the computer centre and science laboratory within six months, the computer centre and the science laboratory were inaugurated on January 11, 2008 by the then Governor of Manipur, Dr SS Sidhu. Many children of Bunglon area are now computer literates thanks to Dr Kalam.


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