Essential commodities recovered from black marketeers


From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, Oct. 4: In a tip-off an ice-berg to unearth to eradicate the practice of the social-evils and in “sleuth investigation” the Ukhrul District Administration has hauled-up a huge quantity of the Government sub-subsidized rice and Sk. Oil from the black-marketeers and black listed the agents and shops indulging in the illegal dealings in Ukhrul town. According to an official source disclosing to the media persons today.
Altogether 31 Government controlled rate rice bags and one barrel and 20 litres of Sk. Oil quantities of the essential Commodity are got caught red-handed selling in open black markets.The actual Government control rate of the rice commodity is Rs 7/- per kilogram while depositing in the FCS depot and later it is meant to sell with Rs 15-16/- per kilo but it is re-sold in the black markets by Rs 22/- per kilo which is exorbitant and a gross violation against the government rates meant for the poor people, the official source said. The hauled goods are to be distributed to the villages people at the mobile sale at the control rate. The source also disclosed.
While in the case of the Sk Oil the Agents draw the commodity from the main stockist by Rs 16/- per liter but it was found selling the the black markets at the rate of Rs35/- per litre and in this connection of illegal or unfair trade dealings the Ukhrul Administration takes a serious concern over the manipulation or malpractices in the life-line essential Commodities by the people wherein the local people too are in the black listed names which means like “giving troubles to own people” as the essential commodities are purely meant for the whole people in a cheap Government control rate but due to the  malpractices by the vested people, the rates fly in sky-rocketed, exorbitant and the same quantity with same risen-price the same people themselves purchase feeding for livelihood. The Source further said. The black listed agents who sold the commodities and the sealed shops who bought the items are to be dealt as the laws of the land, the Source added.


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