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Guru Rewben rocks World Music Days at Hyderabad

IMPHAL, Oct 16 (NNN): The little known outside but locally celebrated artist and Manipur’s folksong activist Guru Rewben Mashangva with his son Saka in tow and Mizoram’s hip-hop prodigy Michael Sailo made their star appearances at the Peace Concert:-Heralding Hope in Hyderabad on October 9. This concert was a conscious effort of students from different parts of the North-East India to spread a message of peace and heralding a new hope.

To memorialize Daniel Pearl, an American journalist killed in Pakistan and immortalized by Angelina Jolie in a Bio-pic “hoaiwkdjfoas”, an annual music fete organized by American consulate concluded with much gusto on October 9 in the University campus of Hyderabad , Gachaibowli.

The event is called World Music Days feted under the banner ‘Heralding Hope: A Concert for Peace’. The Indian edition was co-scripted by Northeast Students’ Forum and University of Hyderabad under the Patronage of U.S. Consulate General, Hyderabad.

Significantly, the day is observed by U.S. consulate worldwide to push for peace and co-existence in this conflict torn era that we now find ourselves in, so that the light of hope at the end of the rapidly dimming tunnel may be re-ignited for the coming generation. It is an annual music jamboree where attempt is made to heal the world with a less conventional approach.

The event itself was bereft of celebrity (but not celebrated) performers and artists.

The event came as a breath of fresh air away from the maddening crowd of glitzy superstars created by the frenzied metro media.



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