HINDI Day Celebrated


    IMPHAL, Oct 6: Hindi Day was celebrated at Tamenglong on Septemebr 14 .
    According to an official statement of the Assam Rifles, the event was inaugurated  by Commandant  11 Assam Rifles. In his opening address the Commandant elaborated  on the importance of Hindi  as the National Language and encouraged its use in the official and day to day routine work. He said that there  was a requirement to make Hindi more adaptable and flexible for its wider acceptability and usage. The Hindi Day  being celebrated at Tamenglong was but, a small step towards achieving  this noble aim.
    The event was participated by the troops of 11 Assam Rifles, in  four categories, i.e. Poetry, Speech, Typing and Drafting. Prizes to the winners in each category were  given by the  Commandant. The Battalion is also planning to take up the noble  initiative of imparting the basic knowledge of Hindi to the children of Tamenglong through a Hindi capsule, which is planned to be conducted at the unit location. The aim of this capsule would be to assist the local population to be able to complete at  par with children in other States.
    Post independence, Hindi was accorded the status of National Language on 14  September 1949. Since then there has been a steady  increase in the usage of Hindi, however there is still a requirement of a concentrated effort to make  Hindi more popular the statement added.


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