IFWJ condemns


    IMPHAL, Oct 30: The Indian Federation of working journalists has strongly condemned attempt of some extremist group in Manipur to muzzle the press and terrorize the journalists. The working committee of the IFWJ which is holding its two day meeting at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh has asked the central government and state government to provide protection to journalists and newspapers so that they can work freely and fearlessly.

    In a statement issued by Parmanand Pandey, secretary general IFWJ said the IFWJ has taken a serious note that the journalists in Manipur have to bear the brunt of wrath of the callous administration and insensitive extremists very often without any rhyme and reason.

    The IFWJ said it stood in solidarity with the journalists Manipur and promised that every possible help and cooperation would be rendered to Manipur union of working journalists in its struggle to safeguard the interest of media persons.

    The IFWJ also appealed the extremists group not to try to convert the newspapers into their mouthpiece. It will ultimately recoil on them, the IFWJ warned.


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