Imphal bound Oil tanker set ablaze in Nagaland even though blockade lifted


IMPHAL, Oct 5: In a major incident after the economic blockade on the NH-39 has been suspended by the UNC and ANSAM, an Imphal-bound loaded oil tanker was burned down by some unidentified persons in Nagaland between Zakhama and Vishwema under Pfutchero police station today at around 5:30 am.
The registration number of the oil tanker is MN-03-2071. It was the last vehicle in the fleet of loaded tankers, bullets and trucks numbering about 180 which were heading for Imphal on the NH-39 without security escort.
Reports said about 180 trucks including 12 oil tankers, eight gas bullet vehicles and 160 loaded truck have crossed Mao gate except for the burnt oil tanker. All the trucks have safely reached Imphal as of this evening, according to the report.
Mentioned may be made that loaded trucks, oil tankers and gas bullet vehicles bound for Manipur have no security escort in Nagaland territory but the CRPF have been escorting the trucks from Mao to Imphal.
In the meantime, altogether 11 oil tanker, five gas bullet vehicle and 29 empty trucks have crossed Mao gate today.


  1. Disgusting people who induldge in worst form of tribalism.

    Unless naga people gave up such tribalism, they will never get proper respect from other communities. Their bastardly acts are well supported by headstrong and ignorant DAN goverment.


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