Kabui Mothers demand seat at Khwairamband markets


IMPHAL, Oct 30: The Kabui Mothers’ Association (KAMA), Manipur today a representation on October 25 to the Chief Minister demanding allotment of two hundred vendor seats only out of the four thousand to be accommodated in the newly constructed multi storied building of the three Khwiaramband market sheds which are to be inaugurated soon.

The KAMA stated that the allocation is for the Kabui (Zeliangrong) community which is the second largest community in the state.

While stating the matter had already been apprised to chief minister, the KAMA also warned of calling general strike on the day Sonia Gandhi visit the state if state government failed to initiate action to allocate seat for Kabui community at the three Khwairamband market.


  1. I think this is a reasonable demand.

    Besides Khwiaramband, Govt. should take initiatives in development of commercial spaces beyond the inner Imphal.

    There is a need for expansion to create room for everybody. Such development should also happen in nook and corner of the state on different scale on private-public partnership.


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