Kasom Khullen sub-division in desperate shortage of essential commodities


IMPHAL, October 8: Villagers situated in and around the Kashom Khullen sub-division are suffering untold miseries and at the receiving end due to shortage of essential commodities owing to the deplorable condition of the roads.
The 63 km long road (oldest state highway) which is reportedly the only main source connecting the capital Imphal remained un-accessible for more than twenty days now due to the monsoon adversely affecting the villagers settling in around the sub-division, said Jojo Robertson, Chairman Kashom Khullen Division Development Association, while briefing media persons in a press meet held today at Imphal.
Villagers are suffering from untold miseries with shortage of essential hitting the villagers as no vehicles could pass through the 63 km stretch. The fate of the villagers is unpredictable if the condition continues and they are at their wits end, said Jojo Roberson.
He blamed the Governments and concerned authorities for the present scenario as despite the repeated hue and cry through media or high level meeting with the authorities they remained deaf ear till date.
Moreover he claimed that the concerned authorities when approached in some instances responded that there was no fund for the development of the road “the response was the most unfortunate thing”, adds Robertson.
Jojo Robertson informed that citing the prolonged apathy of the Government the Kashom Khullen Division Development Association will take up the necessary repairing work by collecting donations from the villagers, philanthropic organization and individuals and also by borrowing from others. Further he asserted that leving aside the donation the borrowed fund must be refunded by the Government.
He urged the Government to timely inaugurate the PHC which has been lying undone for many years besides that revived the totally failed communication systems in the sub-division.


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