Letter to The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Manipur



With out most respect I, the undersigned have the honour to place this petition before your esteem office for kind remedial and perusal in the interest of the general public.

That sir, in the implementation part of NREGS ( MN-REGS) 2009-2010 in the name of proper implementation as envisaged and planned by the Government of India, Ms Nedhi keshwarani IAS, DC Senapati taking advantage, therefore I on behalf of my people would like to seek your esteem and good office for remedial and correction. To authenticate the intensity of corruption in NREGS, a job card was printed at a rate of Rs 12/- (twelve) only from one local printing press senapati. Unfortunately the DRDA office senapati has shown it at a rate of Rs 96/-per job card which is without hologram. Which is supposed to be. The local printing press senapati stand witness to this venture. The DRDA senapati had printed 80.000. ( Eighty Thousands) copies from one local printing press. So in the break up a (Rs 96-Rsl2-) = 84/-(eighty four) has siphoned off. Now this Rs 84 is sum up for entire District card holders is a huge amount.

Therefore, for proper implementation of Government programs and plans for targeted peoples and communities at large, your esteem office and your personal integrated intervention is sought to set a model for the future constructive and dynamic generation.

Anticipating for kind perusal and immediate action.

Yours faithfully,
Kh. Dani
Khabung Karong,
Senapati District, Manipur.


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