MAFYF demands GOI to reveal whereabout of UNLF chairman


Imphal, Oct 20: Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) has announced it would launch a `mass movement` against the reported disappearance of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) chief R.K Meghen alias R.K Sana Yaima in Dhaka if the Government of India does not reveal his whereabouts.

Meanwhile senior opposition leader O. Joy has also reiterated the Government of India should trace the whereabouts of the UNLF leader.

Confusion has reigned in Manipur after the media reported that R. K Sana Yaima was arrested from Dhaka by the joint team of Intelligence personnel of India and Bangladesh on September 29.

The UNLF had also confirmed about the arrest of its supremo on October 16.

On Monday, Union Home Secretary G. K Pillai said New Delhi had no information about the arrest of the UNLF leader.
As speculations heighten, R.K Sana Yaima`s son RK Chinglen and the militant leader`s wife RK Ibemnungshi sought the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in this regard.

The move of the RK Meghen alias RK Sana Yaima`s family was prompted by the refusal of the authorities in India to co-operate with the family in giving out the information the whereabouts of the UNLF leader.

The militant leader`s family said that they have no objection to whatever trial to be taken on RK Meghen alias RK Sana Yaima “but atleast let us know the whereabouts” of the UNLF leader, they said in a statement yesterday.

MAFYF too said that it has nothing to do with the arrested UNLF leader but the information regarding the whereabouts of the UNLF chairman should be furnished by the concerned authorities.

On Wednesday, O.Joy said that RK Meghen may be a leader of an unlawful organisation but he is from Manipur and India and the Government of India ought to find out the truth behind the reported arrest of the UNLF chairman.

Last Saturday, the UNLF had ascertained the arrest of its chairman R.K Meghen alias R.K Sana Yaima by the joint team of India and Bangladesh intelligence personnel.

After the news of R.K Sana Yaima broke four days ago in the BBC and the subsequent publication of the news in the local media, speculations have been doing the round in Manipur regarding the authenticity of the media reports and the whereabouts of the militant leader.

UNLF is the biggest and the most influential underground organisation fighting for the liberation of Manipur from India. The outfit is said to have over 6000 fighters.

Vice-chairman of the UNLF Kh.Pambei in an email communique said that the outfit`s chief was arrested on September 29 from Lalmatia area under Mohammadpur police station in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka by the personnel of India`s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Bangladesh intelligence.

According to Kh. Pambei, on the fateful day R.K Sana Yaima was returning to the place he was putting up in Dhaka in his own vehicle bearing registration number Dhaka Metro G-17-0716 when some security personnel both in civvies and in uniform signalled him to stop just 10 minutes away from his place. Without wasting time, the cornered UNLF chief informed his men over the phone about the situation. When the UNLF workers rushed to the place but they were informed about the arrest of `a person` along with a vehicle he was boarding by some security personnel. The UNLF then lodged an FIR at the Mohammadpur police station thereafter, according to Kh. Pambei.

The UNLF said that after detaining R.K Sana Yaima for ten days in Bangladesh one India`s special flight had taken him to New Delhi. The UNLF on Saturday demanded that the Government of India should pronounce its stand about the arrest of its leader and also disclose the whereabouts of the arrested leader. The UNLF termed the act of the Government of India as terrorism and thievery which is against the international law. The UNLF then stated that it accepted the challenge posed by India and the outfit with the cooperation from the people of Manipur will face the challenge.


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