Marathon Gospel seminar held at Ukhrul town


    From John K Kaping

    UKHRUL, Oct. 7: The 3-day-long Gospel Seminar cum Crusade on “conflict Resolution” organized by the Ukhrul Peace Forum Kicked off today at Hunphun Baptist Church (HBC).

    A good number of the participants from Churches representatives, individuals from all the localities in and around Ukhrul town are taking part in the marathon seminar.

    The theme of the workshop in the first session depicts, “Conflict Resolution” where the resolution lies in the process with the formula in “two-way-communication process” based on the fact that any conflict situation is crushed and reflected in Biblical term with basing on the fact to basing on God as deliberated by the main resource person Revd. Patrick M. Brown, senior Pastor of the United States of America who in the opening session in the Seminar quoted the verse in the Bible with the scripture Isiah 1:18 that says,”come now, let us reason together”.
    He shared that at any conflict problems that may be within family, friends, society, organization or within the people living together, the resolution sometimes depend on the mediation or the mediator to be called as the “Peacemakers” saying that “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God”  and to become the Peacemakers he shared that one must be having peace with God in the first place. Secondly with peace, helping to people thirdly making peace with other people and gently call for reconciliation.
    The resource person also distributed the conference paper presentation with symbols of how the Peacemakers must stand on the slippery mountain top of the conflict situation in the centre between the attack responses and escape responses which both are considered as peace-breaking group installations.
    The first session was interpreted by Revd. Zaklei Kaping. The main moderators in the three-day Conference are Revd.Candid Sareo, Revd. Shimreingam L Shimray and Revd. Zaklei Kaping.


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