UNLF chairman Meghen not in India yet, news of arrest not officially confirmed


IMPHAL, Oct 13: Adding a new twist to the news of the arrest of the UNLF chairman, R.K. Meghen, in Dhaka, a top ranking intelligence officer in New Delhi who IFP spoke to on phone this evening said they have only heard of the arrest of the rebel leader from Manipur in Bangladesh.
He said his information is from informal sources and categorically said there is no truth in Meghen having been extradited to India already.
“We are awaiting official confirmation of the arrest from the Bangladesh government” he said.
It may be recalled there has been no official statement on the arrest forthcoming either in New Delhi or Imphal on the second day of the news becoming public, after the BBC website, www.bbc.co.uk published a signed news by its correspondent in India, Subhir Bhaumik, which was subsequently picked up by some newspapers in other parts of the country, but  practically all newspapers in Manipur.
The news, it may be recalled, said the UNLF chairman, also known as Sanayaima, was arrested by Bangladesh police in Dhaka and has since been transferred to India by a special Indian plane.
The news was however sketchy on details on the circumstance of the rebel leader’s arrest or his where about in India. It only said Meghen was in Dhaka to seal an arms deal with a weapon runner and that his movement was tracked from conversations he had with the arms merchant.


  1. what do u knw about manipur Mr. Mukilan?
    manipur is fighting 4 a TRUE cause….note it
    If i ask Indians why they ever fought against British….??
    The answer is the same

  2. Meghen desrbe for Tihar Jail he tortured people of manipur in the name Indipendent Manipur. It will never happen dont forget I ndia is build by different ethinic peoples.
    Manipur was sold out by his anchestor the then maharaja of Manipur
    My advise is dont do anything which cant be fulfile in your life time or its like building castle in the sky.
    They are in the simple term unsucesfull people in there life who cant stand sombodies sucecess


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