Moirang municipal council chairman lambasted


    IMPHAL, Oct 6: The Moirang Kendra Development Committee (MKDC) has excoriated the chairman of Moirang Municipal Council for failing to furnish necessary information regarding the construction of Moirang Bazar Market Shed under RTI Act, 2005.
    Addressing a press conference this afternoon at Manipur Press Club, the convenor of MKDC, K. Okendro stated that the authority of Moirang Municipal Council claimed to have no knowledge of the present construction works of the market shed by declining to give the name of the agency and also the source of funding for the said work.
    The officials were misleading the people of Moirang by concealing the details of the market shed, he said.
    The people have no knowledge of the agency that undertakes the work as well as the actual estimated cost of the work, he added.
    The construction works of the said market shed was also sub-standard, making the project a mockery before the public, Okendro noted.
    He also drew the attention of the chief minister, Okram Ibobi Singh to look into this matter and take up necessary action against the defaulting officials within five days in the real interest of the people of Moirang.


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