More civil bodies join demand for info on whereabouts of UNLF chief


IMPHAL Oct 22: Many more civil bodies joined the bandwagon demanding to know the whereabouts of UNLF chairman, RK Sanayaima alias Meghen who was believed to have been arrested in Bangladesh.

The Manipur Peace and Integrity (MAPI) Council, the United Peoples’ Front (UPF), the All Manipur Tammi-Chingmi Apunba Nupi Lup and National Identity Protection Committee (NIPCO) in seperate statements urged the Government of India to clear the confusion surrounding the arrest of RK Sanayaima.
The United People Front in a statement while referring to reports published in various media about the arrest of the UNLF chairman said that the act of concealing an arrested person for a long time amounts to violation of international law and human rights.

It demanded that the government must inform the public about the whereabouts of the militant leader saying responsibility for determining where the missing UNLF leader is should be borne by the Prime Minister of India and Bangladesh.

In another statement, the NIPCO said amidst the confusion and apprehension of family members following the arrest, the statement of Union home cecretary GK Pillai has created more confusion.

It said that the home secretary initially stated that the Government of India has no knowledge about the arrest and later speculated that he might have been arrested in Bangladesh.

The Government of India should find the whereabouts of the proscribed UNLF chairman, the civil society bodies demanded.


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