NE job portal launched to help youth find right jobs


IMPHAL, Oct 7: In a simple function organized by the Hillet (Capital Information Technology Park) under Department of Information Technology, Government of India the First North East India Job Portal was Launch in Manipur today at Manipur Press Club, Imphal.

The function was attended by L Jayentakumar Singh, Minister of Education, O Imocha Singh, Head of Department Manipur University and R Sanga, Honorary Director, James Connection Trust, Sangaiporou as the chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.

Education minister L Jayentakumar Singh in his speech stated that human resources along with knowledge of Information Technology are very much needed to bring growth and development in to any society.

While elaborating on the need of IT, he has stated that Tele-education, knowledge based link, which was launched some weeks back in the state has been able to help not only the students but the teachers of the state also.

He has also elaborated that the educated unemployed youths of the state will benefit a lot from the job portal WWW.NEJOBS.IN as the unemployed will be able to search and seek jobs from their prospective employers worldwide according to their eligibility.

The portal has been designed and developed by the Software Technology Park Unit (Capital Information Technology Park) registered under Software Technology Parks of India, Department of Information Technology, GOI and its software consultancy division (HILLET) for the first in North East India.
The main objective of the portal as according to the designer and developer of the portal is to provide a perfect platform for job seekers in North East India to find the right jobs, which will help them and their employers.


  1. This must be a joke!!! It doesn’t even have the any other page then homepage and credit page. This is a very ambitious project and hope u guys, in credit page, have done ur homework by studying the gravity of responsibility to keep update the data. I m not discouraging u guys but it’s a huge responsibility.
    BTW, it’s a very good initiative and I would like to wish u all the very best and do well. But pls complete the site and then go online.

  2. pity pathetic……….and what the heck is wrong with the people who design such site…at-least put a beta tag if the site is not full fledged………

    And probably before putting the site do a little bit of testing, and about the he “” Software Technology Park Unit ” who design the this site…..u guys need to be learn a lot on portal design………..

    no offense…..just take this comment as an input….so that u guys do better in the future


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